USMNT World Cup Shirt From Nike: Leaked [PHOTOS]

Photos of the US Men’s National Team shirt for World Cup 2014 have been leaked on the Internet.

Designed by Nike, the USMNT home shirt for Brazil 2014 is a white shirt with a polo-shirt collar. The shirt features red trim on the bottom of the short-sleeves as well as on the edges of the collar.

The most distinctive feature is the blue and white stars that are featured on the inside back of the collar.

On the close-up shot of the shirt (above), you can see that the shirt features thin horizontal lines across the front and back of the USMNT shirt.

What’s your opinion about the USA World Cup shirt? Share your feedback in the comments section below.

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19 thoughts on “USMNT World Cup Shirt From Nike: Leaked [PHOTOS]”

  1. Well I guess the blue/white color scheme was a bit off. Maybe the away kit will be blue/red instead.

    I think the shirt looks very classy minus the crest.

    1. Like pretty much everyone else on the planet, I prefer the centennial crest, but all in all, I really like it. It definitely beats the where’s waldo red and white stripe.

  2. Don’t love it. I liked the last two home shirts better. This looks too much like something Tiger Wood would wear on the golf course.

    1. Shirts will be officially unveiled next month. The Feb 1 friendly against South Korea may be too soon to have the new kits used.

  3. Great for a tennis or golf polo. Its something I expect the coaches to be wearing on the sideline. I think the crest is a slight improvement now that the gold is gone and the shades of blue resembles the flag. But like most people I prefer the centennial crest. Or would at least like a newer version of it. I think the best part of this jersey is the part you will never see, the inside of the collar.

  4. Plain. Plain. Boring. It’s a whit polo with red trim. So what?

    Bring back the ’94 designs IMO… at least they said something.

  5. The shirt is so plain and dull, it draws your eyes towards the hideous badge. The centennial shirt is 100 times better than this. This shirt says 3 and out.

  6. boring, but not horrible. The crest is “better” than when it had the nasty gold trim, but it still looks cartoonish like something I took off of clip-art. I hope this is wrong or they have a change of heart and keep the centennial crest. Also, I hate the collar for completely different reasons. The U.S. has developed a strong,devoted, and exciting soccer following. We have done this through MLS and through making it “ours”… European scarves and collars have no place in American soccer, in my opinion.

    I expected more from Nike. This seems like just a tweek on old England kits and every time we try to “copy” England, U.S. soccer takes one step backwards…

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