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David Moyes to be Handed £200m to Rebuild Manchester United: Nightly Soccer Report

david moyes David Moyes to be Handed £200m to Rebuild Manchester United: Nightly Soccer Report

David Moyes will be handed a £200million war chest to spend on rebuilding the Manchester United squad, according to The Daily Mail newspaper.

The British tabloid reports that the Glazer family will bankroll the funds over the next 18 months. The paper adds that Moyes has identified the positions on the pitch where he needs new footballers — two central midfielders, a striker, a left back and a centre back.

With it being The Daily Mail reporting the news, you have to take it with a grain of salt. But there’s no doubt that the Manchester United team need strengthening to rebuild the squad into a more formidable force.

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9 Responses to David Moyes to be Handed £200m to Rebuild Manchester United: Nightly Soccer Report

  1. Sloth says:

    Why trust £200m to a man that turned a title winner into a mid-table side? I understand supporting a manager, but have him prove something in the transfer market and on the pitch at his first ‘big’ club before you give him a blank check.

  2. Flyvanescence says:

    Love it.
    In Moyes We Trust! Long may he remain at Old Trafford!

  3. Dan says:

    I don’t know how to feel based on what I’ve seen from him. Can he be trusted with a blank check or does he need the blank check to mould his own team.The chances of Manchester United spending 200 million under the Glazers is never going to happen. If it does happen then someone wake me up from my coma.

    • KapUSMC says:

      I could see it happening. They need to at least keep the appearance of trying to remain one of the worlds elite to keep the revenue streams in line.

      I think Moyes is probably taking far more heat then he should at this point. There are good players here, but they aren’t stacked with world class talent. RVP (and being healthy was somewhat of an aberration) being so incredible last year masked ALOT.

      That said, I don’t know if a blank checkbook is the right thing. Last transfer window was a mixed bag. He got Rooney back into the squad, but the Fabregas fiasco chewed up much of the window, and the big signing of Fellani can only be described as a bust at this point.

      • Dan says:

        Yeah but even without RVP he shouldn’t have us in 7th place. It’s his fault RVP is injured due to his training methods. The Dutch FA wrote a letter to Moyes about the training methods that he uses. Under Fergie RVP was given his freedom in terms of how hard he trained himself and he stayed fit all season. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it they say

        • KapUSMC says:

          Yea… I can see the argument about training methods. And while I don’t think they would be a contender this year with Pep or Sir Alex or anyone else… It is hard to defend getting knocked out of the FA cup by Swansea, and now down to Sunderland in Capital One. They may not be as talented as City or Chelsea, but damn… They should be better then this.

  4. John Gregory says:

    Thinking you have to “rebuild” a half season after winning the league is absurd.

  5. Marc L says:

    Well if the Daily Fail says so it must be true!

  6. Smokey Bacon says:

    Whoever they hired would have to be mad to take the Millwall job. Looks like they made the right choice! Finally a proven championship manager to undo the mess left by Lomas and Jackett. On the downside, a dodgy temperament with a track record of walking away. If he couldn’t control the dressing room at Palace then what chance at the Den. Hopefully he is not tainted by his experience at the best team in Croydon.

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