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Copa America 2016 To Be Played In United States, Says CONMEBOL Source

copa america Copa America 2016 To Be Played In United States, Says CONMEBOL Source

The on-again, off-again reports of Copa America 2016 being staged in the United States have gathered pace today with a report in the Spanish media that says that CONMEBOL have confirmed that Copa America 2016 will be played in the US, just one year after Copa America 2015 is played in Chile.

Copa America 2016 is being organized to commemorate 100 years of the competition. The exact dates haven’t been finalized due to discussions with the media company that owns the TV rights, but Copa America 2016 will take place with 16 teams participating, which will include the United States and Mexico. These teams will be combined with select teams from Central America.

The stadiums earmarked to host Copa America 2016 games are Pasadena Rose Bowl (91,136 capacity), Stanford Stadium (80,242), Giants Stadium (50,424), Orlando’s Citrus Bowl (70,229), RFK Stadium (56,692) and Reliant Stadium (71,054).

For Copa America 2015, Japan and Mexico will participate in addition to the South America countries.

Copa America 2016 will give the US Men’s National Team a fantastic opportunity to play against the best teams in the hemisphere. It’s a tournament that the USMNT should be participating in more often to play against more challenging opposition, which will only help to improve the quality and experience of the US team.

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6 Responses to Copa America 2016 To Be Played In United States, Says CONMEBOL Source

  1. Americano & Proud says:

    Wow! This was rumored for a long time but was well worth the wait. It will be a huge tournament for the US and might be the first major one post the Donovan & Dempsey era. Holding this in the US will be a huge money grab for CONEMBOL, I assume.

    I wonder how much attention it will garner compared to the Euros.

  2. Dean Stell says:

    Very cool news. I love meaningful international soccer.

    I imagine the amount of attention the tournament will gather will be down to how good the US and Mexico are. If either of the CONCACAF teams are good enough to make a run in the Copa, then it becomes more exciting. Otherwise, it is just another Copa.

    It probably also depends on whether everyone sends a A-team or whether this tournament is perceived a secondary to the “real” Copa being held the year before.

  3. Matt says:

    The big question is will it be added to the FIFA calendar? If not, the teams will not bring their “A” players and it will be much like the Gold Cup in certain years. Will the European clubs, the ones who usually complain the most about international fixtures, be willing to risk losing many players in their squad at once due to two international tournaments going on at the same time?

    CONMEBOL is doing it for the $$$$ for sure, which is why they invite Mexican national team and clubs to their competitions, but at the moment the 2015 version is the one which will count towards 2018 Confed Cup qualifying.

  4. CTBlues says:

    MetLife Stadium holds 82,500 not 50k I don’t think any NFL stadium in the US holds fewer than 60k.

  5. CTBlues says:

    I am very excited about this and wish that CONMEBOL and CONCACAF would merge would we could have a true Copa America because the Gold Cup is a joke.

  6. Proud Eurosnob says:

    Hopefully this would coincide with a merger between CONCACAF and CONMEBOL. I would take the US Team a bit more seriously if they play the likes of Brazil and Argentina more regularly.

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