Liverpool Manager Brendan Rodgers Charged By FA Over Post-Match Man City Comments

The Football Association has charged Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers with bringing the game into disrepute after his comments he made after the Manchester City-Liverpool match.

In the game between Manchester City and Liverpool, the match officials made mistakes on two clear-cut decisions. The first was the offside decision in the first half where the assistant referee flagged to indicate that Raheem Sterling was in an offside position, when he was two yards onside. The second was when Luis Suarez was fouled by Joleon Lescott, but the referee failed to award a free kick in Liverpool’s favor.

In his post match interview, Rodgers called into question the fact that referee Lee Mason was from Greater Manchester, refereeing a team from the area (Manchester City), and asked whether anyone would be upset if a referee from the Wirral officiated a Liverpool-Manchester City match at Anfield.

Rodger’s exact comments were:

“We had no help from the officials. They were horrendous. We never got any decision for us. The linesman for the offside one – they’re not even on the same cut of grass. It is not even a difficult one.

“It is a perfectly timed run when he was through on goal, the kind of move we have worked hard on. You can’t get a decision like that wrong at this level. They are big moments in a big game.

“There was another incident where Luis didn’t get a free-kick when Joleon Lescott comes through and it was waved play on. It is arguable it is a penalty at the end. But it was throughout the game.

“Hopefully we don’t have a Greater Manchester referee again on a Liverpool-Manchester game. I was surprised we were playing in Manchester and have a referee from Greater Manchester.

“I never speak about officials but I feel the need to protect the players this evening. They were outstanding and got nothing.

“Come the end of the game, the next day or two, I will get a call from an assessor and be asked for my opinion of the performance. I would ask the question. I am sure we won’t get Liverpool-Man City [refereed by] someone from the Wirral.”

The FA issued the following statement regarding the Boxing Day match between Liverpool and Manchester City:

“It is alleged the comments by [Brendan] Rodgers called into question the integrity of the match referee, and/or implied that the match referee was motivated by bias; and/or brought the game into disrepute; and/or amounted to a failure to act in the best interests of the game.”

Rodgers has until 1pm ET on January 8, 2014 to respond to the charge.

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10 thoughts on “Liverpool Manager Brendan Rodgers Charged By FA Over Post-Match Man City Comments”

  1. Constantly whining…Lee Mason, Webb oh yeah remember when those classy Liverpool fans sent the now retired ref death threats & wished he’d died of throat cancer…unbelievable lot.

    1. What the hell any of your rant has got to do with the views of a manager at a post match press conference is beyond me. Don’t tarnish everybody from my city / supporters of my club as an ‘unbelievable lot’ because of the actions of select small minded idiots. Every club has people like that, your own included.

      1. If it was a minority that would be one thing but its not, like it or not, YOU ARE IN THE MONIORITY. The Everton fans (also a city of Liverpool club) are not even remotely the same, sorry if that offends you but in my experience with both sets of fans in person or online through a variety of social media thats what its been, so I don’t think it is the city of liverpool as you put it.

        Also, you’re also assuming the Liverpool fans that do this are from Liverpool, when in fact most of LFC fan base as with Spurs are not from the original area anymore like myself or you, its a global game and has been that way for quite a while, that is the reality. Yes Spurs have morons, and moaners just not on the same scale, lol

        So to clarify, when I say that lot, Im referring to the entire fan base, if you think its just scoucers you are wrong.

        An example being Spurs have a tracked global following of 20m according to Tavistock (the clubs owners ) far less than Manure and Liverpool but still substantially more than can fit in WHL current or new.

        Again, I think its relevant, I know you love you manager, thats great, Im not a fan of him, and in my opinion he is Whinny and moans a lot. As for the fan interaction you have been an exception, part of the small minority that don’t think everything is a conspiracy or bitter and unable to be objective. Perhaps I was wrong? but I don’t think so.

  2. It was an absolutely awful call made by a linesman that was in a perfect position to make the right call.

    But the whole idea that he was from around Manchester seems like an unlikely reason why he blew the call. Rodgers is right to blast the call, but to imply bias is unfair and he should be punished.

    1. These are calls as you say that happen just like Bony being offside against City was even more obvouis to the liner as Bony was never once onside in the move how can it be missed? they just are.
      The ref had nothing to do with Liverpool the offside call by the way. It seems the Liverpool manager though pulling shirts was something that should be ignored if if his players i.e Skertal constantly on Kompany but when outside the box on a pool player it should be a penalty?

    2. Bias… all the man stated was in the pool of referees available up and down the country – wouldn’t it have been a better choice to appoint one with neutral ties to oversee the game.. no mention of bias in that statement at all, and was a full indictment on the FA to do better in the future when it come to selection of officials.

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