WATCH: Chelsea TV Discuss Pro-Liverpool Bias In British TV Media [VIDEO]

Jason Cundy, a former Chelsea footballer and now talkSport pundit, joined a couple of other Chelsea pundits on Chelsea TV recently to complain about the perceived pro-Liverpool bias among the British TV media since so many of them are former Liverpool footballers (Hansen, Lawrenson, Carragher, Thompson, Redknapp, Souness, etc).

The segment includes a clip of Jose Mourinho complaining that there are no Chelsea pundits on television. And The Special One joking that he’ll become a pundit once he retires from football management.

Watch the clip here:

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10 thoughts on “WATCH: Chelsea TV Discuss Pro-Liverpool Bias In British TV Media [VIDEO]”

  1. more nonsense from a 3 idiots following their sly manager to try distract from the real issues like results, style of play, Oscar diving etc…Does Mourinho not know the following ex chelsea players/managers work in media?? Ray Wilkins, Ruud Gullit, Hoddle, Townsend, Vialli, Desailly, PAt Nevin, Graham Le Saux, Scott Minto, Tim Lovejoy AND THE ACTUAL presenter in the video about Jason Cundy who also works for Talksport. Not like Mourinho to let the truth get in the way of a good story… More nonsense by him, just like his nonsense about been against diving..

    1. I think a lot of those names you mention might not be mainstream UK media people…nevertheless I think they have a point…Liverpool fans are notoriously vitriolic and not objective…(watch me get hammered) … as a United fan it does feel there is an anti-united bias by many of the commentators (especially Le Saux) can sense the glee in their voices when things are going bad…I really do appreciate non-bias objective commentary…the fact that so many are from red-Mersyside is a problem… Carra seems OK but that Hansen, Lawrenson combo are a bit much…

  2. So now it’s bias to call out one stonewall penalty shout and a blatant red card, both on the same Chelsea player (Eto’o)? And, I’m sorry, but Hazard should not have got a penalty. He dragged his leg and was looking for contact – not even in the same universe as Eto’o’s inexplicable foul.

    1. Liverpool’s manager said the Eto’o/Suarez incident was obstruction. Obstruction is an indirect free kick not a penalty.
      Fact is their thighs came together which somehow resulted in Suarez taking off in to the air as if shot from a canon.
      Now off you go and blubber some more.

      1. Their “thighs came together” because Eto’o threw his hip in Suarez’s path. It was clear obstruction, though only a Manchester United player would have gotten that called.

        More pressing is that Eto’o should never have even been on the pitch.

    1. Did you know that Liverpool FC were the first club in England to give their fans plastic flags?
      It’s true but don’t let that get in the way of your blinkered bias.

  3. Cundy is right, of course the bitterpool fans posting above won’t agree, but just look at Match of the Day let alone Sky and TalkSport.

    Liverpool fans whinge more than any other fan base…uughh its just one long mmmmooooaaaannnnn.


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