FOX to Broadcast FA Cup Final and Arsenal-Spurs FA Cup Match On Over-the-Air Network

FOX has scheduled two major FA Cup games to be shown live on the free-to-air FOX Network in 2014, according to a World Soccer Talk source.

FOX will televise the FA Cup Third Round match between Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur on Saturday, January 4. The broadcast will begin at Noon ET, with the game kicking off at 12:15pm ET.

Although FOX no longer has the US media rights to the Premier League, the FA Cup match between Arsenal and Spurs is an ideal opportunity to showcase two of the most storied teams in English football. Plus, the game has the added bonus of being a derby.

In addition to the live match from the Emirates Stadium, the free-to-air FOX Network also plans on broadcasting the 2013/14 FA Cup Final live on US television on Saturday, May 17 from Noon-2:30pm ET. Last season, FOX showed the FA Cup Final between Wigan Athletic and Manchester City live on US television. Last season’s final was the first time a FA Cup Final had ever been broadcast on over-the-air television in the United States.

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No announcement has been made yet regarding who will commentate the upcoming FA Cup matches on FOX.

14 thoughts on “FOX to Broadcast FA Cup Final and Arsenal-Spurs FA Cup Match On Over-the-Air Network”

      1. Let Gus call all the games he wants for any USA league… Keep him away from European football. If you like your commentators clueless about the rules .. Gus is your man.. Mispronouncing names… Gus is your man… Missing calls … Gus is your man… Screaming for now reason… Gus is your man.

        Start the movement—

        Boycott Fox with Johnson — stream games only


    1. I have a sneaking suspicion that they will. Fox must read at least some of the feed-back regarding commentating of their games broadcasted. Hope this is not just wishful thinking.

  1. Should we expect that Fox Sports 1 will be broadcasting additional FA Cup matches on Saturday the 4th and Sunday the 5th?

    1. I would hope they would use both Fox Sports 1 and Fox Sports 2 for the FA Cup. But then again they may not to force people to subscribe to foxsoccer2go which will show most of the games. We’ll have to wait and see.

  2. All for it. Really good to hear. Fox needs to stay involved and it will be interesting to see how far NBC has pushed them on better production values.

    1. I watched CL coverage on Fox this week and the studio coverage was just as superficial and awful as I remembered it. Wynalda thinks the whole thing is about him, McBride is useless and Stone just screams about American nationals.

  3. Gus Johnson has said on numerous interviews recently he is heading back to Europe to broadcast the FA Cup final and the quarter finals/semi/final of the Champions League

    So Fox has NOT learned their lesson

    BOYCOTT FOX. — Stream games only


      1. I will enjoy the game… I’ll stream it if YOUR amateur basketball announcer is calling it… How about we send john champion over here to do the NFL Playoffs or NBA finals??? your lame screamer doesn’t even know the laws of the game.. (So much for playing pickup games in Central Park)… That generally is a prerequisite if your going to call football matches. So most REAL fans that know and understand the game find Mr Johnson unwatchable … So if we are going to enjoy the match we won’t be watching it on Fox is their pet celebrity is in the call.


        1. Well there is not many of you “real” fans otherwise this sport would be more in the mainstream media which its not. Its always going to be very niche here becuase of people like you streaming illegally and bitching about everything. Ill enjoy the game because im normal not some crazed fan loicked in his parentrs basement.

          -The guy cantona kicked in the stands

          1. mainstream media?? Fox just confirmed the champions league for the next three years.. NBC has games on the national station.. Go will have national FAA Cup broadcasts .. Football is gaining popularity.. Idiots like you want it to remain niche. Your not a football fan.. Your a Gus fan.. And you can have him.. The soccer community Has REJECTED Gus..

            Football will continue to grow when it treated with respect and authenticity not some overhyped babbling fool. You call that bitching Yes I am And many others are tired of Fox too…

            Go back to the MLS boards with the rest of your Tweens

            Gus = Streaming


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