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SAT, 2:30PM ET

FIFA World Cup 2014 Draw: Groups A-H

world cup draw FIFA World Cup 2014 Draw: Groups A H

For World Cup 2014, the draw was concluded in December to decide which groups the 32 teams would play in.

Groups A-H are as follows:

Group A
Brazil (A1)
Croatia (A2)
Mexico (A3)
Cameroon (A4)

Group B
Spain (B1)
Netherlands (B2)
Chile (B3)
Australia (B4)

Group C
Colombia (C1)
Greece (C2)
Ivory Coast (C3)
Japan (C4)

Group D
Uruguay (D1)
Costa Rica (D2)
England (D3)
Italy (D4)

Group E
Switzerland (E1)
Ecuador (E2)
France (E3)
Honduras (E4)

Group F
Argentina (F1)
Bosnia (F2)
Iran (F3)
Nigeria (F4)

Group G
Germany (G1)
Portugal (G2)
Ghana (G3)
USA (G4)

Group H
Belgium (H1)
Algeria (H2)
Russia (H3)
South Korea (H4)

Join us in the comments section below to discuss the World Cup groups.


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57 Responses to FIFA World Cup 2014 Draw: Groups A-H

  1. rej4sl says:

    why are ESPN2 not showing the live start of this event. Why are we missing the first part of it on t.v.

  2. brazuca says:

    Repost from the other thread…

    If you don’t want to bother with multiple talking heads or commercial interruptions, watch the unedited world feed.

    Don’t expect the final pot to be drawn until 12:45pm ET/9:45am PT at the earliest, as the “entertainment” tends to run longer than scheduled.

  3. Efrain says:

    Anyone know if we can watch the ESPN feed on the internet? is showing the World feed. I’d rather watch the ESPN analysts…. that is, the feed they have on television (but on the internet).

  4. TiLoBrown says:

    I can listen to Bob Ley talk about paint dry, his voice holds that much prestige with me

  5. Mufc77 says:

    Who’s the old fella on stage with the crutch?

  6. brazuca says:

    Argentina and Nigeria in the same group AGAIN.

  7. brazuca says:

    Germany and Ghana in the same group AGAIN to set up a clash of the Boateng brothers.

  8. brazuca says:

    Spain and Netherlands in group B to set up final re-match.

  9. Huw Roma says:

    The Switzerland and Colombia groups could be the worst of all time. The seeding ruined it.

  10. brazuca says:

    The “brawl in the jungle” in Manaus will feature England vs Italy.

  11. Felix says:

    OUCH team USA

  12. Huw Roma says:

    Some of these groups are so unappealing in their compositions. Some are tough and others are weaker than humanly possible. I can’t see myself holding out to watch anything in Colombia’s group.

    • Felix says:

      Japan is getting stronger and stronger every Cup, I expect them to do well. Colombia is all the buzz, and Ivory Coast has a few class strikers and some good solid athletes. Will be an interesting mismatch against japan. I expect greece to take a few beatings.

      Think it will be good games, all teams eye an opening and will play for it.

      • Huw Roma says:

        Why anyone would thumb my comment down I have no idea. That pending Nigeria-Iran game must be whetting your appetite right? I’m sure you’re holding out for Algeria-South Korea and Japan-Ivory Coast. This is part of the problem of the 32 team setup. Also seeding teams like Colombia, Switzerland and Belgium always provided a recipe for some dire groups.

        • Frill Artist says:

          Typical Euro-American snob. We get it. You don’t want to watch Iran or Colombia or Nigeria. Good for you. However, some of us do.

          • Huw Roma says:

            Oh piss off with your ‘Euro-American’ snob crap mate. I’m from New Zealand anyway. I bet you wouldn’t watch a run of the mill friendly between those sides. Good for you pal.

    • john says:

      You have literally no idea what you are talking about…

      • Huw Roma says:

        Of course I don’t. Having only watched every WC since 1982 I’d consider myself a clueless amateur as well. I prefer quality over quantity. That’s all.

  13. Smokey Bacon says:

    Carry On Up the Amazon.

  14. Smokey Bacon says:

    If anything team USA got an even harder draw than England. Both teams will be lucky to make it out if their groups. I can’t see it happening.

  15. Manschaaft says:

    Great draw for Germany today. We got some ok teams. Fully expect 9 points from this group. Most likely us a d Portgual going through. I see Ronaldo beating up on the US and Ghana.

  16. COYx says:

    I demand recount!

  17. Smokey Bacon says:

    I hope Roy takes a squad with 2016 in mind. Get some experience with the likes of Barkley, Morrison etc.. Go with youth and leave Lampard, Carrick and Cole at home.

    • Dust says:

      Morrison is getting way to many plaudits for one or two good games this season.

      For example where was he v palace?

      • Smokey Bacon says:

        The lad has got talent. He made Spurs look silly which is good enough for me.

        • Dust says:

          There was a 13 minute of madness spell…that was it, he was invisible first half, making Dawson look like an ass clown is standard for most opposition in the BPL, hardly defining for him, where has he been in other games like Man City at upton park.

          Barkley yes, Morrison No.

      • goatslookshifty says:

        Yeah, the way Morrison lost his rag the other day and the U/21 bust-up with Zaha proves he’s volatile. He’s no Rooney. He’ll be left home.

  18. goatslookshifty says:

    GHA-1 USA-1
    GER-3 USA-0
    POR-2 USA-0

    Later, USA

    • Matt says:

      Portugal isn’t keeping a clean sheet against anyone.

    • R.O says:

      Here is the only probably way that the USA could advance to the round of 16 (IMO).

      USA have to beat Ghana
      Germany beat Portugal
      USA-Portugal Tie
      Germany beat Ghana

      That sets up:

      I feel that if Germany is through to Rd16, and USA has 4 pts, they will play to a tie for both to advance. (FYI, Germany has done this in the past – 1978 WC Germany-Austria).

      Ghana and Portugal will need to tie.

      Will it happen? Who knows but that is the only scenario I see for the USA to advance.

  19. Dust says:

    France getting an easy group…shocker!

    Both USA & ENG may have difficult groups & BS amazon location but at least the games will be great to watch. It’s the World Cup… If you’re in a tough group that just means more great games upfront.

    Why have a crap group & then go out v the first knockout round v a good game..

    I’m looking forward to some great games. USA v Germany & Portugal ! C’mon that’s great!

    As is ENG v Italy & Uruguay add to the fact it’s another European team we play against in the amazon is a good thing.

    It will be a great tournament !

    • R.O says:

      England-Italy – hmmmm. Well based on past WC’s, Italy plays back and defensive in the group stages. England has been playing a defensive game. Also England is weak at the forward/striker position.

      I think this game will be defensive with little offensive attacking action.

      • Dust says:

        I think England have 2
        good strikers, sturidge & if / when sturidge gets injured Rooney can play up top (as he did v Brazil in summer).

        Depth at that position is a problem…worse is the CB position…Jagielka & Cahill will be torn apart by Suarez, Cavani, Balotelli, Rossi etc…

        In the humidity of the Amazon, possession is gonna be king, chasing the ball in that situation will lead to a mauling. Perhaps Carrick will be on the plane after all.

  20. Dust says:

    Could this be the year an African nation wins the World Cup? Nigeria? Ivory Coast? Ghana?

    The climate will be a huge factor…I would t be surprised to see Ivory Coast or Nigeria in a semi final.

    • goatslookshifty says:

      No way. Africa teams can’t defend.
      Brazil or Germany for the cup.

    • David says:

      African teams are getting much better, but no team is good enough yet to win a World Cup.

    • Dust says:

      How close were Ghana to beating Uruguay…Luiz Suarez cheating denied a winning goal…

      I don’t think they’re as far away as you think. If these African nations can get their preparations right there’s no reason 1 African nation can’t reach a semi final.

  21. Bishopville Red says:


    Pack light. You won’t need many pairs of underwear.


    • hoosiergunner says:

      Okay, now that’s funny. I was just thinking how it’s almost a waste of an airplane ticket for the US, then I saw your comment (much better put). I’m surprised no one is talking about Belgium; that’s the team I see making one of the deepest runs with this setup.

    • Martin J. says:

      Take your swimwear as you’ll be heading to Brazil’s nice beaches early till the tournament ends.

  22. David says:

    Tough draw for the USA. Worst case scenario happened unfortunately. I still think it’s possible the USA can get out of the group, but it’s going to be extremely tough. The bad part is if the USA is in a situation where they need to win to make it out of the group in the last game, they are facing Germany.

  23. Matt says:

    I’m cool with the draw. I’d rather be in this group than with Spain and Holland. Looking at it from the USA’s perspective, Group G is certainly the easiest group to finish last, but it’s not impossible to advance. Although the travel is brutal, the USA couldn’t have hoped for a better sequence to play against these 3 teams. Ghana is going to thrive in the tournament in the heat and they will have an advantage with the typically short rest before matches 2 and 3. Germany will probably win both of their first two matches and be in a position where a draw will guarantee pole position in the group and an excellent matchup in the first KO round. Win 1 and draw 1 in the first two (unlikely, but not impossible) and the US might just grab the 5th point in the same way Portugal did back in 2010. Had the Ivory Coast played Brazil last, they advance from the group instead of Portugal.

  24. Martin J. says:

    There are three groups of death, B, D and G (the toughest). Great, we’ll have terrific games right from the get-go.

  25. ENOW GEORGE says:

    the sleeping lion is up again , the lion never……

  26. ENOW GEORGE says:

    i’m really flabbergasted,because of some political instability of the Cameroon national team , many people in the world believed Cameroon is easy beatable team but i’m delighted with our group,specially the host nation then i’ll have to remind you people of 2003 again CAM 1 BRA 0 .Cameroon is going to make another history in the football of Africa again next . watch out the sleeping lion is up and he’s anxious to consume any flesh that comes his way.

  27. Group A is balanced too even if everyone sees Columbia as big favorites. Without Falcao they are not so tough. Not to mantion they were big favorites back in ’94 too and finished at the bottom of the group.

  28. rohit marathe says:

    The group of death Italy, England, Uruguay, Costa Rica. Costa Rica got qualified and now the game between Italy vs Uruguay is going to be superb.

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