Patience of Manchester United Fans Is Paying Off For Moyes And Team

While Manchester United were recently protecting a precious one goal lead against Southampton, manager David Moyes made the most negative change in his short United career thus far. He took off the energetic Wayne Rooney, and replaced him with Chris Smalling. Two minutes later, a defensive lapse in concentration saw Southampton level, and the game ended 1-1. The Old Trafford faithful were questioning the wisdom of that change, as many doubted Sir Alex Ferguson’s successor’s mentality. While Fergie would have brought on a fresh pair of feet upfront to kill the game off, Moyes did the contrary.

Manchester United boast a tradition of counter-attacking, wing play and flair in their play. The change Moyes made almost defied the very principles of the club; opting to defend a lead against ‘minnows’ as opposed to attack them and contain them in their own half.

In the Champions League match against Bayer Leverkusen, Moyes modestly tinkered his starting line-up but sent on a talented squad onto the pitch, carrying on the philosophy of Fergie’s rotation policy. And when the going was good, Moyes gave some players a rest, availing game time to the others. Rotation is the name of the game.

Five games smarter in the league, Moyes made substitutions much accustomed to at Old Trafford. While drawing at White Hart Lane against a side that has been struggling for goals and form, Moyes brought on an attacking trio of Hernandez, Nani and Young. Two months ago, many fans would have expected a cautious approach — perhaps Fellaini, Welbeck and Anderson. This time around, Moyes knew better. And this season, more than in previous ones, every point is crucial as United chase the elusive top spot currently occupied by Arsenal.

Although United may not have garnered all three points against Tottenham, they certainly have improved their game. Their unappealing play has slowly transformed into eye-catching football. However, just like Arsenal in previous campaigns, the Red Devils seem to lack the killer finish.

Sitting nine points behind the Gunners, United can ill-afford to drop any more points as they try to cut down the ever widening gap. However, if Manchester United can replicate the desire and hunger they have shown in recent weeks, the only way is up as Moyes slowly settles in to life at Old Trafford, coupled with the never-say-die attitude that has seen United flourish in previous campaigns. It may take patience, a concept alien to United fans, to achieve success, but if recent games are anything to go by, the Red Devils are certainly on the road to recovery.

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16 thoughts on “Patience of Manchester United Fans Is Paying Off For Moyes And Team”

  1. I’m a Man Utd fan and I’m happy to be patient even for as long as two years. But I don’t think we’re seeing any signs right now that the patience has paid off.

  2. If this (8th) is the result of patience, i’ll say there is not result coming through, i’ll throw patience OUT THE WINDOW

  3. The thing is that Moyes needs to get a trademark WIN in the league. He’s had some trademark LOSSES.

    There will always be doubts until he wins away against one of the other big clubs.

  4. United are in the last 8 of the league cup, last 16 in the champions league, and only 9 points behind Arsenal with the festive period coming up. All in all with all the changes brought unto the club this season how can anyone complain? Support the club no matter what.

    1. Being in the Rd of 16 is a given for a Club like us and who cares about the League cup? We are 12 points behind arsenal and the team is in mid table after 13 games.

      1. A trophy is a trophy. Ask Moyes if he cares about the league cup. I do remember United finishing third in the CL group a few seasons ago and going to the Europa League.

  5. Oh, the irony! After a defeat like today’s. And against Everton.

    Moyes was 0-46 with Everton against the top 4 sides away. Martinez with Everton is 1-1 already (lost to City and beat United). Not only will people talk about how poorly United are doing but some will wonder if he overachieved or underachieved at Everton given Everton’s start under Martinez. Poor guy is going to get battered. Good thing the next match is only a few days away. A loss to Newcastle and it will be major crisis time at Old Trafford.

  6. Very interesting timing indeed. It seems that Moyes is changing United more than the other way around. However, much of United’s problems have been in the inability to build from the back as well as being unable to transition quickly enough. They don’t have the players capable of controlling the midfield, especially against high intensity teams like Tottenham, Everton, and Southampton. Valencia is showing some signs of returning to form, but Welbeck is not good enough, Cleverly is not good enough, Fellaini is not good enough and Phil Jones still doesn’t have a set position to play in. Nani is still trying to come to terms with the fact that he is not (or every will be) Ronaldo and Januzaj is still very young. Having only one half decent winger and no center midfielders will is not enough to challenge for a title without the willpower of Sir Alex.

  7. I think I speak for the rest of the premiere league when I say, “Yes, great article, please give Moyes more time!”

  8. What a crushing defeat. As a great man once said, “It’s not the end. It’s not even the beginning of the end. But it may be the end of the beginning”.

    United are seriously scrapping for fourth at this point. The lack of quality throughout the squad is being exposed. How Ferguson won the league with this lot is only adding to his legend. He looks like a miracle worker. Moyes looks lost at sea.

  9. Patience and United fans don’t go together. They feel they are entitled to always be at the top. Moyes does deserve criticism but the behavior of many United fans especially at the stadium is not going to help the players or club.

    United are not Chelsea and will not change managers at will when things are not going well. I believe the board will give Moyes at least one full season to assess if he’s the right man for the job or not. Ferguson is still very influential at the club and I believe he will ask for patience especially since he well understands that the squad he left behind isn’t really that good.

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