Liverpool Striker Luis Suarez Gives Rare Interview in English [VIDEO]

Luis Suarez rarely, if ever, gives interviews in English. Watch this interview given in English with in-house LFC channel Liverpool TV on the occasion of being awarded the Reds Player of the Month for November.

This is the second month in a row where Suarez has won the Player of the Month award at Liverpool. In November, Suarez scored 3 goals to bring his goal tally to 9 so far this season.

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7 thoughts on “Liverpool Striker Luis Suarez Gives Rare Interview in English [VIDEO]”

      1. They lost to Hull. Doesn’t take magic to know they will drop. Sturridge is a big loss. He creates space for others, scores goals and makes assists. LFC have no depth. LFC will still finish one place behind Everton.

        1. It also doesn’t take magic to see that every side, except for Arsenal, have been dropping points this season.

          LFC does have a depth problem, much like most of the clubs in the league, including Everton. See you in May for the actual results.

      2. You’ve only won 4 of your last 10 games. It doesn’t take Mystic Meg to see that’s poor form.
        Sturridge injured, Suarez not bothered and ready to explode again and players speaking out against the manager. It’s pretty obvious really.

  1. Wow, his English ha really improved. I think he is unfortunately a wasted of talent in the current LFC setup. If LFC don’t make the CL he will definitely move, and if they do make it, there will be a slight chance of him staying.

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