The Remarkable Growth of the American Outlaws, Now 100 Chapters Strong [VIDEO]

The American Outlaws, the US soccer supporters group with chapters across the country, have released a video to mark the remarkable growth of the organization.

The US soccer supporters group has now reached 100 chapters across the globe. On Thursday, the American Outlaws announced that Wichita has become the 100th chapter.

The American Outlaws said this on their official website:

“The thank you’s owed to all the people that have helped American Outlaws become what it is today are immeasurable. As we march to Brazil our mission to “unite and strengthen” American soccer continues to new places and new heights.
Because of you all. Because we believe in this team. Because we believe that is nation is an American soccer nation.”

2 thoughts on “The Remarkable Growth of the American Outlaws, Now 100 Chapters Strong [VIDEO]”

  1. This is great for match support and everything, but how committed at these 100 Chapters? Not every supporter that pays the $25 fee for the t-shirt and membership can get to go see a match, so that leaves them to watch it at the pub… Where a large amount of supporters gather.

    I do a fair amount of traveling for work in the Midwest, which gives me the opportunity to go to pubs, and have noticed that not all Chapters give a welcoming feeling to new supporters and/or the casual fans.

    100 Chapters is amazing, but something needs to be done at the pub-level to turn the casual fan into a true supporter and not someone that regrets losing out on $25.

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