English Premier League vs La Liga: A 10-Year Comparison

When you compare the Premier League against La Liga tables from the past 10 years, you can see some intriguing data points.

For example, while the top two positions in the Premier League and La Liga are very predictable, with the average points difference between Barcelona and Real Madrid also exactly mirroring the points difference with Manchester United and Chelsea, the drop-off from second to third place in La Liga is far more dramatic than the drop-off between second and third in the Premier League — an average points difference of 6.7 to be exact.

Also, when you see the position by clubs over the past 10 years, you’ll see there’s more variety in the first and second position finishes in the Premier League with more teams represented than La Liga. However, La Liga has a greater variety of clubs than the Premier League that have finished third, fourth and fifth.

Comparison of Top 10 teams on points from both leagues

Average Table for each league over 10 years

Positions by club over 10 years

EPL 10 Year Data

La Liga 10 Year Data

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