What Are Your Favorite Soccer Books?

It’s that time of the year when many of us may start thinking about soccer book ideas either to give or receive.

Now is your opportunity to share with us in the comments section below your soccer book recommendations. Or, if you don’t have any in mind, feel free to post your questions in the comments regarding what types of books you’re interested in — so one or more of our readers can make a recommendation.

Over the years, I’ve read so many wonderful soccer books — everything from My Favourite Year to Soccernomics and Nobody Ever Says Thank You (Jonathan Wilson’s brilliant Brian Clough biography). I particularly love soccer history, so a few books that are near and dear to my heart also include Engineering Archie, The Football Grounds of Britain and Dr. Everton’s Magnificent Obsession.

To me, there are so many wonderful soccer books but very few good films about the sport.

Also, feel free to browse through our ultimate guide to soccer books on this site, which includes many of the classic soccer books.

Thanks in advance for your recommendations and questions! Post away below.


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