Fantasy Premier League Tips: The Importance Of Balance On Your FPL Team

Those of you familiar with the independent film of the early 80’s may recall a documentary titled Koyaanisqatsi. It was a mesmerizing journey through the impact of man on the earth throughout our history, featuring some beautiful images, while many of them were grim. The film title is derived from a phrase used by the Hopi tribe that means “life out of balance”. If you are anything like me, you are facing a daily battle of maintaining balance in your life, typically with mixed results.

So maybe you let your bills pile up for too long, or you neglect your yard maintenance for too long or your exercise routine does not validate the mandatory two doughnut per day requirement necessary to perform daily life functions. By the way, when I say “you”, I am obviously referring to myself. I admittedly suffer from “life out of balance”. But that does not mean I cannot find an alternative universe where I am able to balance things more efficiently and can be rewarded for my discipline and equilibrium. There is always Fantasy Premier League (FPL).

Today I want to emphasize the importance of balance in the maintenance of your FPL team. This is a concept that will include some examples but the idea in general is what’s important. First, I think it best to break down your budget as applied to your positions. This is generally where I feel money should be spent, using a £100.0m budget as a measuring stick:

Keepers: £9-10.5 mil

Defenders: £25-27 mil

Midfielders: £37-39 mil

Attackers: £29-31 mil

Now if you add up the lowest number from each position, you arrive at £100m.  The additional range is meant to imply that you should be wary of spending any more than that listed limit for fear of taking too much funding away from another area. It also compensates for managers growing team value as the season rolls along, and those additional funds can be allocated as such.

Here is a breakdown of individual slots at each position.

Keeper – Unless there is an injury and a 4.0 backup emerges, all starting keepers range from a price of 4.5m to 6.5m.  You either take the minimum, two rotating 4.5 keepers for 9m, or the maximum, an elite every week starter at 6.5m and a non-playing cheapie at 4.0m, maxing you out at the 10.5 limit.

Defender – 5 positions, I break them down by price:

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