Watch the Sir Alex Ferguson Interview On The Charlie Rose Show [VIDEO]

The Charlie Rose Show have released their interview with former Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson.

In the interview, Ferguson dismisses any return to football management, backs David Moyes and shines light on his relationship with Wayne Rooney, and more.

For the transcript of the interview, read here.

H/T Thanks to World Soccer Talk reader Len F for the news tip.

3 thoughts on “Watch the Sir Alex Ferguson Interview On The Charlie Rose Show [VIDEO]”

  1. Great interview.. Missed the original broadcast..this will go down in the football archives the Same way the Clough interviews went..

    History… Shame it wasn’t a UK interviewer asking more probing questions.., regardless.. This was history.

    Great insight..


    1. I’m guessing the person who disliked this comment didn’t agree with the part about the interviewer not being from the UK.

      I will say that I agree with everything Cantona said. The interview would’ve been better if it was conducted by someone who had an understanding of football (soccer) and it’s history in Europe. Rose was clearly clueless and speaking directly off his notes.

  2. Thanks so much for posting this interview. I didn’t know about Sir Alex appearing on PBS, although I did know he was in America and speaking at Harvard. I particularly enjoyed his comments and knowledge about the Civil War. Although all the questions weren’t as hard hitting as some may have liked, any time a man of his stature appears on American television is a real plus for all fans of soccer in this country. Well done PBS!

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