Watch the Intro to FIFA 06: “The Beauty Of Football” [VIDEO]

fifa 06 cover Watch the Intro to FIFA 06: The Beauty Of Football [VIDEO]

For a walk down memory lane, watch this intro to the EA Sports game FIFA 06, which features several world-class stars as well as the poster boys of FIFA 06 — Wayne Rooney and Ronaldinho.

The intro, which includes a voiceover by a Scottish bloke trying to sound like Sir Alex Ferguson, showcases an excellent video that leads into the game. While the video looks dated, it’s still a classic way to start off this FIFA game.

Eat your heart out FIFA 14!

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One Response to Watch the Intro to FIFA 06: “The Beauty Of Football” [VIDEO]

  1. Balboa77 says:

    Some times I wonder if Moyes sets his line ups by trying it out first on FIFA

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