Are These the USMNT Home and Away Shirts for the 2014 World Cup? [PHOTOS]

Are these the USMNT home and away shirts that the USA will wear at FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil?

The leaked images are supposedly the new home and away jerseys that the US men’s national team will wear. Before we discuss the designs, it’s important to note that the shirt designs have retained the centennial national team crest that has been worn by the USA this year. Hopefully the US Soccer Federation have decided to keep the 100-year crest as their new, permanent crest. If so, it’s a wise choice and will be a huge hit with US soccer fans.

The USA home shirt features a white shirt complemented with a blue sash across the chest, blue sleeves and white cuffs. The shirt also features a blue collar and 1he aforementioned US Soccer team crest. Overall, while very stylish, the home shirt looks more like a Ralph Lauren polo shirt than a soccer shirt, but I still quite like the design.

The USMNT away shirt is more traditional in style, featuring a white round collar and navy blue shirt.

Whether the home and away shirts are the authentic shirts that the USMNT will wear next summer, we’ll have to wait and see. But according to the source material, it’s a trusted source with connections to Nike.

If these are the USMNT home and away shirts for FIFA World Cup 2014, what are your thoughts about them? Love them, hate them or indifferent? Share your feedback in the comments section below.

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