Barcelona 3-2 Sevilla: Match Highlights [VIDEO]

barcelona Barcelona 3 2 Sevilla: Match Highlights [VIDEO]

Barcelona managed to maintain their 100% record in La Liga today, securing a 3-2 victory against Sevilla despite letting a two-goal lead slip. Plus, on top of all that, Sevilla had a goal that was incorrectly disallowed earlier in the game.

The back-and-forth match was entertaining to watch, and included several moments of incredible skill. In particular, pay attention to the assist by Lionel Messi for Barcelona’s winning goal. The way he slows down the play but then bursts with speed, with the ball, is wonderful to watch.

Here are the highlights from Barcelona 3-2 Sevilla:

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One Response to Barcelona 3-2 Sevilla: Match Highlights [VIDEO]

  1. Efrain says:

    Barca defense still shaky, but it was a good match with a sweet last second Barca goal.

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