Fantasy Premier League Tips: How to Choose The Right Captain to Rack Up The Points

You can make some great decisions in the Fantasy Premier League game: bringing the right players in and out at the right time, choosing the right defenders to bench each week, and so on. But the most important decision, the one that will make or break your Gameweek more often than not is choosing the right captain. Getting it wrong, even when your overall score for the week is a solid one, can cause a dark cloud hanging over you, as you double your 2 points to 4, while another player throws up a 15 that could have been 30. It is enough to develop an ulcer.

There is no one secret that can be shared to provide you with the right method of choosing a captain in a given Gameweek. But what follows, I feel, are the most important factors in determining your captain. Combine these factors to assist in making your selection.

1.) Consistency Overall – Does this player produce more often than not? There is a reason Robin van Persie costs £14million. Not only does he score regularly from match to match, he is capable of bagging a brace or more in any given fixture.  Any player can pop up with a big score—do not rely on a player having a big previous gameweek as the sole reason for giving him the armband. Look at his performance record. Has the player scored/assisted multiple goals before? The more consistent a player is, the likely more expensive they are in the game, and when they play, are the most reliable. But there are other things to consider…

2.) Current Form – How has the player done in the past 2-4 matches? While one big Gameweek can be achieved by any random player, several good games in a row is a pattern. If I have RVP and Christian Benteke, and in the past four matches, Benteke has scored three goals to RVP’s zero, I’m going to side with Benteke. This is especially true for strikers. Their output is more goal reliant than anywhere else. If they are not in form, you are facing a high probability of a 2 pointer doubled to 4.

3.) Opponent – With all other factors being equal, I will take someone like Michu vs Sunderland over Olivier Giroud vs Manchester United. Odds are, players with equal form and consistency will fare better against bottom side clubs rather than the top clubs.  Simple logic, the better teams are tougher to score against if you captain an attacker, and are tougher to keep out of goal if you are captaining a defender.

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