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Mesut Ozil’s First Interview as an Arsenal Footballer [VIDEO]

mesut ozil1 Mesut Ozil’s First Interview as an Arsenal Footballer [VIDEO]

Mesut Ozil has completed his first television interview as an Arsenal footballer.

Arsenal’s newest signing was interviewed by Sky Sports News in Germany, where Mesut Ozil described how he’s looking forward to playing in the best soccer league in the world. Ozil even found a way to slot in a “Let’s go Gunners” soundbite.

Ozil agreed to join Arsenal on the final day of the transfer window. While the amount of the fee and contract were not disclosed, it’s believed to be around £42.5million in a five-year deal. The transfer makes him the most expensive German football player of all time and broke Arsenal’s previous transfer record of £15million, which was for Andrey Arshavin in 2008.

Ozil will wear the number 11 shirt at Arsenal. His first match for Arsenal could be on September 14 when the Gunners play Sunderland.

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9 Responses to Mesut Ozil’s First Interview as an Arsenal Footballer [VIDEO]

  1. saywhat? says:

    he looks like a woman in this picture

    • MoyesvMouvPelli says:

      Dust i respect you and your opinions. But on another article you said Ozil was a risk and he wasnt good enough for all the other top sides in Europe. Thats a blasphemous statement. Ozil starts over Wayne Rooney in the #10 position any day. He walks into every side in the world Bayern and Barca included. Ozil is the best #10 in the world and he is a better player than Gareth Bale. I dont get why Real would replace Ozil with Bale when Ozil is clearly more talented and is a better player by far.

  2. Zach says:

    Huge signing for Arsenal.

    They never replaced Cesc, who was much more important than RvP ever was, and now they have gotten a player who is equal to that level and wants to play his prime years for Arsenal.

    Could be a big year for Arsenal.

  3. Given sikabulah says:

    Bt wat hapend to di maria?

  4. Gary says:

    The irony of this signing hasn’t been lost. Without Levy selling Bale to Madrid Ozil would not be at Arsenal. So Spurs help Arsenal get better. Maybe Levy is a secret Gooner :-) .

  5. Wilshere says:

    He looks so sad :/ can’t believe what Real did to him.

  6. Mammu wa Karatu Arusha Tanzania says:

    Ozil u r warmly welcome top our Lovely Arsenal CAMP ! Ozil u are the Greater player ! Ozil better be a KING in A SMALL PALACE THAN BEING A SLAVE I A BIG PALACE ! U WILL TURN TO A GREATER PLAYER, WENGER IS A PROFFESSIONAL COACH ! WE ALL LOVE AND ADMIRE U OZIL

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