Cardiff City 3-2 Manchester City: Poor Marking By Zabaleta Gifts Welsh Team First EPL Win [GIF]

Manchester City’s defensive frailties were exposed today after Pablo Zabaleta was guilty of poor marking for all three of Cardiff City’s goals in a shock defeat for the Premier League title chasers.

With Vincent Kompany and Mateja Nastasic injured in central defense, Manchester City manager Manuel Pellegrini may want to address the lack of quality in depth by picking up defensive cover in the transfer window.

Cardiff City were clinical in front of goal, and took advantage of their chances to score a fantastic shock victory in their first Premier League home match and first Premier League victory.

Here are all of the goals:

Edin Dzeko Goal

Aron Gunnarsson Goal

Fraizer Campbell, 1st Goal

Cardiff Fans Do the Poznan

Fraizer Campbell Second Goal

Alvaro Negredo Goal

23 thoughts on “Cardiff City 3-2 Manchester City: Poor Marking By Zabaleta Gifts Welsh Team First EPL Win [GIF]”

        1. There are a lot of Man City haters on this website – so many thumbs down for anything positive anyone has to say about them!

          Freak result. All it shows is that Lescott is not of the same quality he was two years ago, Javi Garcia is not a centre back (obviously), we need to buy a new centre back before the window shuts (Pepe would be more than adequate), and that Joe Hart is having trouble keeping his mind on the job, although with no pressure on his position that’s no real surprise either.

  1. Disappointed that NBC didn’t show this game. They instead showed Tottenham. Since NBC does not re-show games (like FOX did) later in the day or week, missed a good game. I know there is a lot of dislike against Fox soccer and understandably so for a number of reasons, but one thing they did do well was re-show games later in the day or or week. My comcast on demand only shows replay games in HD not SD so I lose out there too.

    I understand NBC is a sports network (not soccer only) but dippy shows like Shark Hunter Deer Hunter over second or third game EPL reply’s – that’s the downside of not having a Soccer network.

    1. The games are available with on demand on Comcast for the whole week, so yes you can watch them again…..if you have comcast

  2. I’m not following you R.O. The match was available via NBC live extra. Both matches were equally noteworthy, NBC can only show one match per channel.

    1. What is “Live Extra?” is that online via computer or tablet? If so, why would I want to watch a game on a 15″ or less size screen when I have a 46″ wide screen TV? Sorry never got the whole thing of people watch shows and games on tiny smart phone or tablet screens. In the 1960 and 70’s we wanted bigger not smaller screens.

        1. Off On demand replay games in SD as they do with many of their other shows. Not everyone has or can afford HD broadcast pkg.

          Offer for those that want in HD and SD for those that don’t have HD. Simple.

      1. Not sure who your provider is, but NBC did show the Cardiff game on one of their Extra Time channels. I watched it live.

        As for Live Extra, if you get it, it is a simple thing to run your computer through your TV. One HDMI cable is all it takes.

        With regard to replays, NBCSN did replay some of last week’s matches, 12:00-2:00 a.m. and 7:00-9:00 a.m. several days last week. Check your channel guide.

      2. NBC Extratime is available on AT&T U Verse, on TV, in HD. It’s great! We get more live games than in the UK! Every game is live.

  3. Full marks again for NBC when they allowed the coverage to extend beyond the game. Seeing the Cardiff supporters singing Bob Marley with no interruption from commercials or chattering studio hosts made this win much more enjoyable. Top coverage again!!

  4. Well done to Cardiff. They were the better team yesterday without a doubt. Our top two defenders were out but that doesn’t excuse not being able to score. Last weeks explosion of goals came against a bad side. MCFC have a lot of work to do.

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