Updated NBC Sports Live Extra App for Android Devices Now Available

UPDATED: NBC Sports Group has launhed a new update for its Android version of the NBC Sports Live Extra app today in the Google Play store. It was released at 5am ET today, Saturday, August 24.

Many soccer fans who own Android devices encountered issues with getting the NBC Sports Live Extra app to stream live Premier League matches during the opening weekend of the 2013/14 season.

The updated version of the app will resolve the issues with games freezing and the app crashing said Rick Cordella, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Digital for NBC Sports Group, in an interview with World Soccer Talk.

Cordella mentioned that one of the challenges with Android devices is getting an app to work on the multitude of different Android devices that are on the market. As a result, NBC Sports has focused on ensuring that the app works seamlessly on all of the most popular Android phones as well as many of the other devices that run Android.

Meanwhile, an updated version of NBC Sports Live Extra for iOS devices will be released in the next few weeks, which will provide an even better experience. The new iOS update will ensure that when the live streaming immediately begins that there is no blurry effect for the first couple of seconds of the broadcast (where the app currently checks your connectivity and adjusts the stream based on your bandwidth).

The updated NBC Sports Live Extra app for Android devices is now live.

36 thoughts on “Updated NBC Sports Live Extra App for Android Devices Now Available”

  1. Good news.

    On a side issue I realized something else that’s missing is an XBOX App. ESPN had a great XBOX app and I used it all the time. Last week when I came to watch a game and realized I could not use the XBOX was very disappoining :(

    Chromecast is great though, I can cast from my PC to my TV so that mostly solves it but the XBOX picture quality was always better.

  2. The problem I have with live extra is that on the web version it looks this:

    I use adblock so the ad at the top doesnt show but still.. is there really a need to have an ad there? if you’re putting this picture through to ur tv through an hdmi cable it just looks wierdly framed and takes away from the game. Really hope they eventually remove it… no need to have it there on fullscreen mode

    1. NBC has paid $250million just for the rights to the Premier League, which doesn’t include all of the other associated costs in bringing the games to us, so if they want to place an ad on NBC Sports Live Extra to try to recoup their costs, I have no problem with that.

      1. I knew this would be the response but why does the ad need to be there in fullscreen mode? place 50 ads if you want to when im outside of fullscreen for all i care but the ppl who use fullscreen mode it just looks weird. I’m glad they have the rights and am happy they are giving us this service at no extra cost but theres gotta be a better way… sh*t I’d pay money to just to have that 1 single ad removed

        1. I’m right there with you. I have no problem paying a reasonable amount of money for an ad-free experience…even after having to authenticate my satellite or cable. It has been my experience that any app that screws up that often has messed up ad service and pulls a huge amount of resources from the app. 100% of the time in my case-of all the “free” apps i have on my phones (over 300) the problems all went away once i paid a few dollars for a full, ad-free version.

      2. What I don’t understand is why they don’t use the existing ad signs on the field for presenting ads, by masking different ads over the shown ads. I’m certain the technology exists. That way they can advertise without it being in the way.

    2. I don’t think the top black bar is an ad-space, it’s just that NBC Sports Live Extra when in full-screen mode doesn’t show the video in full-screen. Rather you have the big black bar on top and smaller one down the sides.

      It’s annoying yes, but the picture quality slightly makes up for it

  3. Cheers Gaffer, only two weeks since I complained and a fix in the pipe. Amazing. I’ll second the Xbox app request above too as thats definitely lacking.

  4. and still no Time Warner .. this was a response I got from there Facebook page

    ” Premier League Extra Time isn’t available in your area yet but will be soon, which is why you can’t view it on the TV at this time. As for the App, as NBC hasn’t granted us access to their App service, we don’t have a means for offering it to you. Take care. — Jay”

    1. Sounds like Time Warner is trying to pull the wool over its customers eyes again. NBC has offered Time Warner access to the app. The ball is firmly in TWC’s court.

    1. Same issue, and yes it still does not work, I never updated it, and it says updated, with the same issues… So yeah good PR nbc with out actually delivering a stable app

  5. As far as I can tell the app is not actually updated. They’ve changed the date but the APK size is identical and the app does not show as updated on my device.

    1. Hopefully NBC Sports will upload a new version of the Android version of the app tomorrow. Maybe they uploaded their current version by mistake instead of the new one? I was going by the last update time/date (I don’t have an Android device to test it).

      1. They didn’t say they updated it. I did. NBC said they would update it either today or tomorrow, so when I saw the new ‘updated date’ listed on the app, I presumed that it’s the new build. My mistake.

        Hopefully they’ll upload the new version today (Saturday).

  6. Vaporware. Like everyone else my Play Store said that the app want updated so I uninstalled it and reinstalled it. Same issue freezing after 2-3 minutes. Nothing has changed.

    Nexus 7.

        1. I used Galaxy S3 and Nexus 10. Liverpool worked live but of course that was on NBC so I didn’t really need it.

          Hoping it works soon and they start showing more highlights on MOTD.

          Don’t tell me Parker was good on Saturday…SHOW ME!!!

  7. Got the update a few minutes ago. Now instead of playing for 2 minutes and freezing, it just won’t play anything. Live or recorded. But it doesn’t freeze LOL.

    Tried on Nexus 7, Nexus 4 and Moto Droid Razr. Oh well. PC only it is. I suppose I could try playing with Flash in the browser like I had to do with ESPN.

  8. I had a similar issue Sucka. Tried loading Newcastle, got a black screen and circle of loading death. I switched to Everton, it loaded perfectly so I went back to Newcastle and it was fine. (Nexus 7, 2013)

  9. yeah the app seems to work good now, was watching the everton game as i was heading home. lets see if i can watch the next game problem free..

  10. App has been working in HD flawlessly all weekend on Optimum.

    Great job by NBC to not just fix a broken app but making it a great app.

    Now all we need is for them to start featuring their original and EPL game content in the repay section of the app.

  11. I updated my Galaxy S3, and now I am not able to watch any live event! this is frustrating because I was counting on it when I’m not home.

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