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Tottenham On Verge of Signing Willian As Brazilian Winger Arrives In London for Medical

Willian Tottenham On Verge of Signing Willian As Brazilian Winger Arrives In London for Medical

Brazilian left winger Willian has arrived in London today, and is expected to complete a medical before signing for Tottenham Hotspur in a deal worth around £30million, according to a report in The Daily Mail.

Last week, Liverpool were poised to make a £30million offer for Willian, but Tottenham Hotspur have leapfrogged the Reds in the pursuit of the highly-rated Anzhi Makhachkala attacking midfielder.

Willian would be an ideal replacement for Gareth Bale, who is close to finalizing a deal that could send the £93million-rated player to Real Madrid.

In addition to trying to sign Willian, Tottenham are close to signing AS Roma winger Erik Lamela as well as Croatian attacking midfielder Alen Halilović.

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17 Responses to Tottenham On Verge of Signing Willian As Brazilian Winger Arrives In London for Medical

  1. This is just posturing by Tottenham, responding to Arsenal’s signings of…um…

  2. Mikee says:

    It woul appear that we are about to replace the “Huddfro” with the “Willfro”.

  3. Jason says:

    There are pictures of him arriving at a London hotel so I tend to think this might have legs. All rumors at this point but he is looking likely to sign with a London squad. If it’s spurs I would venture to say Bale is gone.

  4. COYx says:

    Are Spurs next in line to buy EPL title then?

    • bradjmoore48 says:

      Is it really ‘buying’ the title if you make a profit on player sales compared to buys?

      • Whitehart_Lad says:

        Exactly, we are selling a player and doing what clubs should be doing an reinvesting that money. The fact that selling 1 player can almost finance rebuilding of the whole squad is an amazing piece of business from Spurs & DL. We have also cleared out the dead wood and replaced with far better players. This is now and is fast becoming AVB’s team not an inherited team. Look at what he achieved last year, most prem points ever achieved. With the quality we have brought in and are being linked with, it is clear to me that AVB is not just trying to get 4th but also trying to mount a serious charge on the title. Arsenal fans now need to reaise that Spurs have over the last 4 or 5 years been steadily progressing, building waiting and now we have the measures in place, great manager, new stadium in the pipeline, exp and well respected DoF and in DL a chairman that all clubs should attain to be. He has never ever put the club at risk, he has been patient waiting for everything to be put into place and now that point in the clubs time has come, it’s time to reawaken a once sleeping giant and bring back the glory glory days to WHL

      • COYx says:

        Spurs made a profit in this transfer window? Did I miss something?

        • bradjmoore48 says:

          If Bale leaves, then yes. Prices in pounds

          Soldado: 26m
          Chadli: 7m
          Capoue: 10m
          Paulinho: 17m

          Lets assume Spurs get Willian for 30m

          Total: 90m spent

          Parker 3.5m
          Caulker 9m
          Huddlestone 5m
          Dempsey 6m
          (Assumed)Bale 93m
          Total: 116.5m

          So yea, if Willian is in and Bale is out for their reported prices, then yes, a 26.5m transfer profit.

          And that’s not even getting into the fact that a) Spurs made a 10m profit LAST summer with the Modric sale and cleanout; and b) new TV deal adds about 20-25m more than what Tottenham had in TV money last year (reported around 55m).

          So yea, all this money thrown around and new players coming in and Tottenham will still be able to balance the books just fine.

          • gbewing says:

            + the added TV revenue $$$ -I don’t think we’re even done yet -2 more could be coming- now the worry is cohesion- can’t just put 11 strangers on the pitch and expect results-

            and no one should have to meet Dust

  5. Steven P. says:

    Looks like Spurs will be signing Willian and Lamela with Bale leaving. With that Spurs have a terrific squad that should finish top 4 and maybe win a trophy or two this season.

    Liverpool will be disappointed that another of their targets has chosen not to join them. The problem with Liverpool is that they can no longer offer top players European football nor are they able to pay top wages to entice players. Spurs are able to pay more wages and that’s why they are able to compete in the transfer market.

    Manchester City were able to attract top players by paying top wages. Look at them now. That’s what Spurs are trying to do. In today’s world a club not already in the top 4 can only get there by splashing the cash. Spurs can afford to with the sale of some of their top players, like Modric and Bale.

    Arsenal and Liverpool now have to play catch-up. Let’s see what happens next in the transfer market.

    • COYx says:

      If Spurs get Willian they will have another Adebayor on their hands to deal with. Anyway Spurs are just replacing one overpriced mercenary with a bunch of less overpriced mercenaries.

      • Ryne says:

        Whatever helps you sleep at night :)

        • COYx says:

          Yup it is good to know they found another sucker for Willian. 30m for a player who struggled to make first team at Shakhtar and whined non-stop about wanting a new challenge playing in EPL. Then he happily accepted significantly bigger paycheck at Anzhi.

          • Ryne says:

            Perhaps you are right about Willian, time will tell, but dont’ call the rest of our acquisitions mercenaries. Paulinho, Soldado, and surely Chadli and Capoue were all on very low wages, so who’s to say Spurs are paying more than 50-70k pounds a week? That doesn’t qualify as a mercenary…

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