Arsene Wenger: ‘People Say Buy, But Buy Who?’: Nightly Soccer Report

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has hit back at criticism that the club have not been working hard enough in the transfer market by saying that Arsenal is working 24 hours a day to sign someone.

Wenger said:

“We are there to spend money. People say: ‘Buy players, buy players, buy players … ‘ But who? We analyze every single player in the world and work 24 hours a day for that. We are serious about it. Until we buy players we have to win football games.

“I’m not here to say who is right or wrong. I am here to make people happy who love this club. We couldn’t go out at five to three and buy six players. We were on the market before the game and exactly the same after the game.”

While Wenger appears genuinely defensive, actions speak louder than words. The truth is that Arsenal have spent less money on transfers this summer than any club in the Premier League. If Arsenal are working 24 hours a day to sign a player, then they’re obviously doing something wrong because it’s not working. Who or what is the obstacle that’s preventing them from signing top class players while all of the other sides in the Premier League have already finished most of their transfer purchases?

And by Wenger asking the rhetorical question about who Arsenal should buy, the issue there is that they’ve missed so many opportunities to sign quality players this summer that the number of choices available are far fewer than earlier in the window.

Arsenal are in serious trouble of the club having a meltdown. The supporters are angry, and they have every right to be upset especially when Arsenal Chief Executive Ivan Gazidis said that Arsenal would have a £70million transfer kitty this summer. Yet they’ve spent £0 and have let 17 players leave the club.

It’s time for less talk and more action from Arsene Wenger.

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29 thoughts on “Arsene Wenger: ‘People Say Buy, But Buy Who?’: Nightly Soccer Report”

  1. like i said before it would have been better if AFC had finished 5th instead of 4th that would have brought chances.I know only one match but not a good start.

    1. Early days. Arsenal will be fine.

      The only team that is finished at this stage is Millwall. Lomas is out of his depth. Signed a load of journeyman rubbish to replace the journeyman rubbish left by Jackett. To think we had a youth system that produced Teddy Sheringham. Now we have nothing. Doomed.

      1. Smokey
        your Lions are digging a hell of a hole to crawl out of luck but not looking good.i disagree AFC is in trouble they might pull a Pool and finish 7th.

  2. Can people please take off their tin foil hats and see Wenger for the flawed manager he is?

    He should have been sacked 5 years ago when it became obvious he couldn’t keep top players.

  3. Are telling us that all d players in d world don’t have quality?. Then go to heaven for quality ones. Ur glue hand can’t allow u sign good ones.

  4. who? look at who your rivals signed -how? you have Champions League and history on your side-the targeted players you wanted chose supposedly lesser teams why?

    specific target gk, fb, Rosiky-Ramsy (-you don’t seem to fancy Podolski) replacement- depth – another striker but hey that’s just me

  5. I think wenger is a fool … He is a fool .. Does he need the whole year to buy a player.. Stingy bastard …. Stupid policy , draging the club backwards with the stupid board .. Foolss

  6. Mr AW,y dont u jc b honest to volunteer or surrender th seat to sm1 wh z realy willng to tke th club bck to th glory dys form! Plz du thz favour jc for th team en fans cz ts been long tym nw disappointng us en w ar sick en tired of ur policy.

  7. Wenger thinks d he can turn evri1 in2 d fool he is. How can he say thr r no quality players 2 buy when d player (Luna) who scored Villa’s 3rd goal is a new signing? See hw classy dat goal was, placing d ball right where d keeper thought he had alrdy covered. I doubt ani current Arsenal player can score dat goal d way dat guy did. Wat kind of player does he want 2 buy? Doz dat play without their legs touching d ground or doz dat giv d ball voice commands? He should go 2 mars and find dem cos here on planet earth they don’t exist. Itz nw d 9th year of percieved trophylessness. I think dis man is deranged, he seriously needs 2 b sacked immediately and taken 2 d psychiatric hospital b4 he destroys our club beyond repairs.

  8. Jurgen Klopp is just d man who can d d job cos he’s got d original plan of what Wenger’s bn dreaming 2 achieve 4 8 years nw. Sack Wenger n Bring in Klopp and Arsenal’ll b gr8 once agn (esp if he cn lure Reus, Lewandowski, Hummels, Subotic and Gundogan 2 follow him). Wat a dream I’m dreaming bt datz wat Wenger’s turned us all (Arsenal fans) into – Dreamers…lol. Itz veri annoying.

    1. Well then you might as well move the entire Borussia Dortmund team to London and rename Arsenal – Borussia.

      You think like Bayern M, develop very little of own players and rob from other teams to weaken them. Leave my Dortmund alone. Wish to rob players and coach from another Team. :-)

    2. Stay away from Jürgen! He will never leave Dortmund, especially for filthy Arsenal! He will stay and continue to build the next great team in Europe.

      PS Dave please type in a coherent language as I can barely understand you. Even as a German I can manage not to type as a child.

  9. Mr man, buy your mother and father to strengthen your squad. foolish man! do you think we can exercise patience anymore? we have heard enough of transfer rumours from you, I think you need to be sacked man……foolish man, idiot go away with your devilish

  10. now you, Ivan Gazidis, you are just a CE with lack of knowledge. Don’t you know wenger is fooling and he need to be sacked? before you get to know everything, the team has dismantled…..

  11. Nobody to buy??? Lewandowski wants to leave BVB has a 25million buy out clause n already has friends n international team mates in the squad n thats just of the top of my head get a gip stop pocketing the clubs money n get your asd in gear

  12. I said it long ago, but he is a stupid man that cant keep up with today’s pace. Everyone should remember that this is a man who promised and failed every time. I mentioned one time that the same squad handled by another coach could win in some trophies. However, he is fooling all of us and disintegrating the club because he is UNSHAKABLE. It is only at the EMIRATE that the eployee is more powerful than the employer. Stupid man that has run out of ideas. my new prediction, either he buys players that are now available at expensive prices or he begins to decay the Glorious Arsenal club we love. When Napoli snatched Higuain, where was he and what was he doing? when louis Gostavo openly said he prefers Arsenal, where was this dumb Mo…F…king coach? he was on leave I guess. In a short story, he is using DELAY TACTICS and the problem is We are just beginning to see.

  13. I think Wenger just want to destroy arsenal fc before he leaves. Two things involve here, is either he doesn’t love the club anymore or he’s mentally deranged. Its time for the fans to act by watching their matches only on tv. By so doing they’ll be forced to change their tactics. May God help us.

  14. Who to Buy??!?!?! Are you kidding me? How about Higuain, Jovetic, or Falcao to name three that got away?

    And then I wake up to headlines this morning that Chelsea have another bid for Rooney lined up and Lewandowski’s bid in reserve. No bids from us in the news, just an apology.

    Don’t tell me you’ve got all this money to spend and then not spend it. But here’s what worse – now anyone interested in coming to Arsenal to play in the CL is going to wait to see if we beat Fenerbahce – if we don’t there won’t be any new signings.

  15. The problem is not “who to buy” but that Arsenal don’t want to pay high wages as per their policy. That’s why Higuain and others preferred to go elsewhere. Unless that changes the top players will choose clubs that can offer more wages.

  16. There is more world news in Turkey than in MLS? Please Mr Harris, there is quality soccer in your backyard, not just Europe.

    1. What news headlines were there in MLS yesterday that I missed?

      The Nightly Soccer Report and Daily Soccer Report don’t typically focus on match reports, so if there was any news in MLS yesterday worth reporting, please share the links with me in the comments section here. Seriously. The reason I ask is because I comb the Internet for news stories that are worth posting, but I came up empty-handed for MLS.

      The only item I saw that was close was Juan Agudelo’s flick.

      I know there’s quality soccer in my backyard, but that doesn’t necessarily translate to news headlines.

      1. MLS – quality soccer? Hahaha. It’s August, not April. NASL has better quality soccer than MLS. I was a big supporter of MLS from initial year till 2006. The league went backwards and did not progress. The play is clumsy, unorganized, and generally quality (lack of). The talk is that MLS is a physical league and play like the BPL, I call horsepucky. It’s not physical, the play ungraceful, unskillful and chaotic. I can’t watch more than 15-20 minutes of MLS on TV and won’t go to a live game anymore. That’s how I see it. Cheers.

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