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How to Watch Premier League Matches Via NBC Sports Live Extra

nbc epl How to Watch Premier League Matches Via NBC Sports Live Extra

If you plan on watching the Premier League via the Internet in the US this season, take a few minutes to equip yourself with all the tools you need to watch the games.

For residents of the United States, all 380 matches of each Premier League season through May 2016 will be available via live streaming free of charge as long as you have a TV subscription to NBCSN (NBC Sports Network) and your TV provider has an agreement in place to offer the service to you via an authenticated login.

As of press time, the list of TV providers who are offering NBC Sports Live Extra are AT&T U-verse, Cablevision’s Optimum, Charter, Comcast’s Xfinity TV, Cox, DirecTV, DISH, Suddenlink, Time Warner, Bright House and Verizon FiOS.

If you meet all of the above criteria, here’s how to watch Premier League matches live via NBC Sports Live Extra.

You currently have three main options to choose from to access NBC Sports Live Extra — the web, your smartphone or via a tablet device.


NBC Sports Live Extra — on the web

To watch live Premier League matches via the web, simply visit the NBC Sports Live Extra website and select the match you want to watch. You’ll be prompted to select your TV provider (see screenshot below):

nbc provider list 600x357 How to Watch Premier League Matches Via NBC Sports Live Extra

The next step is to authenticate your login via your TV provider, which means that you’ll need to enter your username and password that you use on your providers website. This way, both the TV provider and NBC Sports can verify that you’re a current subscriber (you’ll need to subscribe to NBCSN via TV in order to ensure you’ll gain access via NBC Sports Live Extra). Once that’s complete, you’re in.

You’ll see a screenshot below that shows the different player controls you can choose from:

nbc sports live extra web app How to Watch Premier League Matches Via NBC Sports Live Extra


NBC Sports Live Extra — on smartphones

If you’re on the go, you can watch Premier League matches via the NBC Sports Live Extra app on your smartphone.

Apple iPhone or iPod Touch users need to download the app from the iTunes store. Android users can download the app from Google Play store.

The process of logging in to the NBC Sports Live Extra app on your smartphone is the same as with the web where you have to enter your username and password for your TV provider to access the app.

Once you’ve logged in, you can then pick and choose what live games you’d like to watch. See screenshot below from the Apple iPhone:

nbc sports live extra iphone app 300x450 How to Watch Premier League Matches Via NBC Sports Live Extra


NBC Sports Live Extra — on tablet devices

The NBC Sports Live Extra app is also available on tablet devices such as the Apple iPad and Android tablets.

For the Apple iPad version of the NBC Sports Live Extra app, it’s the same as the one for the iPhone except that it has a larger screen real estate. Download the app via iTunes.

For Android tablets, the app is available via Google Play.


As of press time, every single match will be made available live on television and the Internet via a combination of NBC Sports Network (NBCSN), NBC, Premier League Extra Time, NBC Sports Live Extra app and other NBC networks. However, not every single match will be available on demand for the beginning of the season.


ReadWhere to Find Premier League Extra Time On Your Cable or Satellite System.

ReadEverything You Need to Know About NBC’s Coverage of the Premier League.

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62 Responses to How to Watch Premier League Matches Via NBC Sports Live Extra

  1. RJ says:

    Still haven’t seen anything from DirecTV about Premier League Extra Time. I’m sure hoping to watch Everton on my TV this weekend.

  2. Eplnfl says:

    Saturday may be as good as Christmas morning.

  3. princefad1 says:

    This is awesome! I have the Live Extra on my iphone and have not had any issues watching videos on it.

  4. Andy says:

    This is great news with clear instruction!! Thanks for this information.

  5. Ahmed says:

    are you able to select your cable provider right now on NBCSN live extra online? I’m not getting that choice. I want to be able to stream on my desktop Saturday.

    • Christopher Harris says:

      Hi Ahmed, it should give you that choice. If your TV provider isn’t listed, then they may not have agreed a deal with NBC to grant access.

      Or if you can access the app without being prompted to select your cable provider, perhaps you’ve already logged in during the past?

      Which TV provider do you have?

    • Sammy says:

      Only when you want to watch one of their live programs will you be able to log on. Not before. Earlier today I watched live golf and then got the screen to log on.

      NBC Sports Live Extra only has a select few programs that are shown live. Look at their schedule.

  6. Morgan Green says:

    Be forewarned, the Live Extra app is extremely glitchy and often freezes. I’ve had problems with it on both Apple and Android products. Hopefully there is a fix soon, but I wouldn’t rely too heavily on the app just yet.

  7. Ivan says:

    Direct TV has the following tv listings:

    Ch 491 upcoming: Norwich City-Everton
    Ch 492 upcoming: Sunderland -Fulham
    Ch 493 upcoming: West Ham-Cardiff
    Ch 494 upcoming: West Brom-Southampton

    Yes, Saturday mornings will be glorious.

    DirecTV rules!!!

  8. Nxs says:

    The app is awful haven’t been able to watch even a single stream without crashing, does not work period, how do we let them know Gaffer? Cause obviously they ignore all the reviews

  9. Leafsfan1967 says:

    I’ve had no problem using the app on my iPad with my DirecTV login. Admittedly I haven’t had it on for hours at a time., I wonder what their capacity is and will it be able to handle all of us hungry EPL fans come Saturday?

  10. Bob H. says:

    On August 17 at 10:00 AM AT&T Uverse will be showing the following matches live on its alternate channels:

    Channel 1691 Norwich v Everton
    Channel 1692 Sunderland v Fulham
    Channel 1693 West Bromich Albion v Southhampton
    Channel 1694 West Ham v Cardiff

  11. Curtis says:

    I noticed on the snapshot above that WOW! Cable is one of the icons. Will WOW! subscribers have access to NBC Sports Live Extra for Premier League games?

  12. Jason says:

    I assume the problem is that if you don’t have cable TV then NBC LIve sports Extra does not work. Stinks if that is the case. I guess I can understand why Comcast from a business end.

  13. Moshe says:

    So, no way to watch on demand (replays)on sports live extra other then the main game on nbc?

  14. Tominator says:

    dissapointing. where are the games on replay? and the app was very glitchy and froze often, a big step down from coverage availability from fox soccer IMO

  15. Nick says:

    Where are the replays??? This is a huge step down from FSC!

  16. Jimmy says:

    It would be really nice if there was a way to watch online without having score tickers and highlight videos giving away the outcomes of games.

    I wish I had foxsoccer2go back. I can’t believe I just said that.

  17. shahid says:

    Can someone plzz share username and password with me ?? I don’t have dish at my home please thanks

    • Christopher Harris says:

      DISH Network customers have access to NBC Sports Live Extra.

      If you don’t have cable or satellite at home, it’s time to sign up and pay like everyone else is.

  18. Christopher Harris says:

    NBC Sports Live Extra app on devices that run Android has now been updated as of August 23, 2013. More info at:

  19. matt says:

    I miss Fox- If you have xfinity you can’t watch the extra matches on tv. No replay online either. So if you follow a team outher Man U or Arsenal you have to get up 5 am west coast time to watch a match.

    Fox had a lousy presentation but at least I could see all the games. Also NBC spoils their own upcoming matches with score updates.


  20. Daniel says:

    I already miss the combined coverage of the Premiership provided by Fox and ESPN. Both had replays. NBC outbid both Fox and ESPN to provide lower value and quality to the Soccer fans of US.

    I never expected anything better from NBC, who had cheated all in the US of the live coverage of the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games.

    Is there anyway to get through to NBC to allow replays?

    • Christopher Harris says:

      NBC will be showing all of the games on demand online, so you can watch them whenever you want.

      They also show some of the games on replay on TV.

      If you have Premier League Extra Time, just record the ones you want to watch so you can watch them later.

      • Phil says:

        Please tell me exactly where. I clicked full match replays from the Soccer button on the primary navigation and the only available replays were for the two Sunday games which have not yet been played.

  21. Dan says:

    On NBC Sports Live Extra, can 2 different live games be watched simultaneously from 2 different devices (iPad or computer)?
    Or does NBC Sports Live Extra limit access to seeing only 1 live game at a time on 1 device?

    I’d like to see the Arsenal game and the Spurs game at the same time on 2 different devices.

    • Christopher Harris says:

      You can have as many on as you like.

      • Dan says:

        When I try going to a 2nd game (via Wifi) on a 2nd device, it never connects, only shows the loading icon.

        Are there certain bandwidth requirements that are needed?

        Gaffer, have you been able to show 2 or more different games on 2 or more different devices?

  22. Who Dat says:

    The NBC Sports Live Extra Android app still does NOT work on my T-Mobile (ZTE) Concord smart phone, which uses the older Android 2.3 OS. No live video. No on-demand video. Nada.

  23. Paul says:

    Will my login in work in the office?

  24. greg says:

    Really disliking nbc’s channel use. Streaming is a step backwards. They have so many real channels they could use which are currently showing junk shows.

  25. andy says:

    I am having trouble accessing the replays online. I have found the soccer replay section of the website, but when I click on the replay, it goes to another page and just loads the content eventually displaying “coverage to begin shortly”, but no coverage actually beginning. I’ve tried on multiple browsers. Am I the only one having this problem? I have no issues with the live games, only replay. Thanks.

  26. John says:

    This article is not clear at all. You can’t choose the game you want to watch online.

  27. Tim says:

    The replays on the nbc sports live extra website do not work. They are listed but after the obligatory commercial it simply goes to a goal highlight. So essentially the game is ruined and I know the result at that point. This has to be fixed.

  28. Nikhil says:

    Replays not working. Poor website. Fox was better (never thought I would say that).

  29. Bernal Rob says:

    Hello. If I miss the 4:45AM game here in California, will they replay it on NBC SPORTS or NBC Sports Live Extra later in the day? Thanks.

    • Christopher Harris says:

      Your best bet is to dvr it. But if you cant, the next best thing is to watch the replay via the web later in the day (pro soccer talk often posts the link on their website).

  30. Matt says:

    How come COX cable is suddenly not appearing in the provider list? It was there last week now I can’t find it.

  31. Daniel Q says:

    Why doesn’t NBC Live Extra Replay the Arsenal matches??? It replays every other EPL match, and will play the match live, but if I miss it, they don’t add it to the Full Event Replays tab. Is this some sort of licensing problem? I have tried to contact NBC Live Extra to ask what is the problem, but I cannot find anywhere on the site that offers support.

    Anyone know where I can get full replays of the Arsenal matches? I am one frustrated fan! BTW, I live in California, USA and my cable provider is Verizon FIOS.

    • Christopher Harris says:

      It’s a license issue. If NBC was allowed to, they would make available all of the games on replay, but they’re not allowed to due to Premier League restrictions.

  32. mattias blom says:


    I know this is a little late but does anyone know if there is a streaming device that offers NBCSN? I have Amazon Fire and have the Fox to go app available for streaming Soccer on TV, I like to get rid of Cox cable and use the streaming consoles only if possible. It does not seem to possible to watch BPL this way though from what I can tell.
    Any reason NBC doesn’t offer what Fox offers with their app?
    Again, I am not looking to watch games on the computer and I don’t mind paying to have BPL through a TV device as long as I can get rid of my cable or at least minimize the channels and consequent bill of over $200 a month!

    • Christopher Harris says:

      NBCSN is owned by Comcast, so at this time, they don’t want to offer their programming online without a TV subscription.

      • mattias blom says:

        Thank you for answering, I’ll appreciate it.
        Do you know if they offer the app for streaming TV consoles (Roku, Fire, Apple etc) that can be used as long as I am signed up with Cox Cable?

        • Christopher Harris says:

          NBC Sports Live Extra doesn’t have an app for Roku or Fire, but I believe there’s a way to run it on an Apple TV, although I’m not the best to ask regarding that. Maybe one of the readers can better answer the question.

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