Arsenal Have Spent Only 1% of Their Available Cash Flow In The Transfer Market Since 2007

Since 2007, Arsenal have spent only 1% of their available cash flow in the transfer market according to an astonishing report by The Swiss Ramble today.

The soccer financial blog goes into exhaustive detail regarding Arsenal’s impressive financial fair play status, but also reminds readers what Arsenal Chief Executive Ivan Gazidis boasted at the beginning of this summer:

“This year we are beginning to see something we have been planning for some time, which is the escalation in our financial firepower. We have a certain amount of money which we’ve held in reserve. We also have new revenue streams coming on board and all of these things mean we can do some things which would excite you.
Asked whether Arsenal could now pay a £25million transfer fee and wages of £200,000 for one world-class player, Gazidis said: “Of course we could do that. We could do more than that.”

Gazidis’s words could come back to haunt him unless Arsene Wenger makes a significant signing in this window. There were reports last night that Arsenal were in talks with Luiz Gustavo, but speculation out of Germany reports today that Wolfsburg is the preferred destination for the Bayern Munich player.

The Swiss Ramble sums up Arsenal’s financial supremacy by stating, “As at the end of the 2011/12 season (the latest year when football clubs have published their accounts), Arsenal had an incredible £154 million of cash, which is significantly higher than any of their competitors with Manchester United the closest with £71 million (less than half the Gunners’ cash pile). An even more amazing statistic is that Arsenal have almost as much cash as the rest of the Premier League’s other 19 clubs combined (£181 million).”

So why is Arsenal Football Club, and manager Arsene Wenger, so stubborn in the transfer market and seemingly unable to compete against the other teams in the Premier League who have made significant buys this summer? All Arsenal have to show for itself is a free transfer signing of Yaya Sanogo from Ligue 2.

There’s no doubt that Arsenal have a strong foundation and a squad that’s filled with superb players, but in order to push on from where they are to win silverware, they need to spend this summer to plug the holes where they need help.

9 thoughts on “Arsenal Have Spent Only 1% of Their Available Cash Flow In The Transfer Market Since 2007”

  1. Wenger’s never going to pay top dollar for a player just not in his DNA as seen in last 8 years.

    on a side note…Gaffer, do you know what happened to ESPN press pass Podcast’s? i know they are launching a new show for US audience but will that be available on Podcast or have they stopped it?

  2. It is quite sad that in June there was talk of Fellaini, Rooney, Higuain, etc… (who knows if all of it was legit), and it’s now mid-August and Arsenal have added one player… on a free. The one player Arsenal have the most interest in now (speculatively) says he prefers Wolfsburg. The Higuain situation was a debacle and the Suarez situation has become an even bigger debacle. Does anyone outside of Arsenal players want to play for Arsenal anymore? Looks like Robson was right.

  3. Finally an intelligent article about Arsenal. As an Arsenal fan I am a Wengerite but getting a bit desperate for a signing. It is not spend for the sake of spending as Wenger said but we need two or three names that have experience, leadership and a cool head and these don’t come in the form of Yaya Sanogo. And no, I don’t want Suarez at Arsenal but the likes of Gustavo, Benzema, Pastore and the like. They have tasted success and know to look for it. As our squad stands, we are just not good enough especially when all top teams have spent very smartly (excluding Man Utd)

  4. From the purely financial point of view what Arsenal are doing is cleaning their balance sheets and aggressively improving assets to debt/liabilities ratio. That makes them a very attractive acquisition target. Combine it with the new stadium and solid if not spectacular squad to build on and you have a tremendous potential for explosive growth. What if Kroenke wants to cash in and he is positioning Arsenal for a takeover?

    1. How does that help me, a fan? It’s fine if that’s what he wants to do – it is his money after all. But to say that there is 70M available and Arsenal will be a buying club in Summer 2013, and the likes of Wayne Rooney is ours if we want him, then have the manager do almost nothing that instills confidence while every single rival has potentially made their club better is just plain ridiculous.

      And the current squad is definitely not on the “spectacular” side of “solid”.

  5. I must really say that Monsieur Wenger is such a fantastic man. Forget what everyone is saying. In Wenger, Arsenal have a treasure of a manager. This is a feat that not even the acclaimed world best coach can ever achieve, instead they all spend to achieve success. Wenger manages his resources nd still somehow gets his team to a top four finish in the league nd subsequent champions league qualification nd he’s been in this business for d past 15 yrs or so. While nt neglecting his faults, I think he (wenger) has done a laudable thing. Trophies may nt be evident now but surely they would come very soon. Man,believe it or not, Wenger is building a super power football club called ARSENAL FC. Arsenal fans just need to see what he’s seeing. Dats all. Kudos Wenger. Love Arsenal F.C. n.b: I av a kinda feeling,der is something in 4 us this season……kip da faith.

  6. And what relevance does transfer spend have to cash flow?
    Looking simply at cash reserves without liabilities is like spending your bank balance without allowing for the expenses you need to pay out.

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