Sporting Kansas City 2-3 New York Red Bulls: Match Highlights [VIDEO]

The New York Red Bulls played Sporting Kansas City Saturday night in a battle for supremacy at the top of the Eastern Conference.

In front of a sold-out crowd of 21,304 at Sporting Park, the New York Red Bulls won the match 3-2 with a performance that can be summed up, from Sporting KC’s perspective, as poor defensively.

Here are the highlights from the match in addition to interviews with some of the Sporting KC players:

Photo credit: Mark Shaiken.

One thought on “Sporting Kansas City 2-3 New York Red Bulls: Match Highlights [VIDEO]”

  1. Sporting high press defense is exposed against good teams with wing players who can burn them on the counter (LA, Portland, Montreal, NY). The league has caught up with them in this regard and Peter Vermes continues to have no plan b.
    Very strange game Sporting dominated most of first half but missed a sitter from Bieler and other opportunities. Red Bulls ran 2 first half counters 2 shots, Nielsen made 1 strong save but Chance Meyers left for dead on 2nd one. Kamara brought it back in closing minutes of the half and I thought we would dominate 2nd half but it was the Red Bulls who dominated when Sams entered at 60- Sporting has issues

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