Andre Villas-Boas Comments Disappoint Gareth Bale, Says Source: Daily Soccer Report

In the merry-go-round of the Gareth Bale transfer saga, the latest development is that a source close to Bale says that the Tottenham star is disappointed with Andre Villas-Boas’s comments from yesterday where he said the player is not for sale.

Tottenham manager Villas-Boas said yesterday that Bale is not for sale, and that “These rumors of an imminent transfer are not true.”

However, a source close to Bale (presumably his agent) spoke to Sky Sports today, and here’s what the Sky Sports reporter revealed:

“I’ve been speaking to a source close to Gareth Bale, who says that Bale is both unhappy and disappointed by the comments his manager made in that interview. In particular, that he is not for sale.

“Gareth Bale missed the match with Monaco yesterday because of a foot injury and I’ve been told it’s unlikely he’ll take part in training next week.

“A lot has been said about how much Madrid would be willing to pay for Bale. I’ve simply been told it’s a world record fee, so upwards of £80m.

“It’s not clear whether Bale will put in a transfer request but the source is still pretty confident that the player will be moving to Real Madrid. Nothing is imminent though.”

Here we go again. It appears that the tussle is between Gareth Bale’s agent and Tottenham Hotspur, with Bale’s agent trying to push through a deal for Real Madrid while Spurs are trying to push back and hopefully sign Bale to an extended contract. Who’s going to win in the end? What’s your analysis regarding the back-and-forth dealings? Let us know in the comments section below.

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22 thoughts on “Andre Villas-Boas Comments Disappoint Gareth Bale, Says Source: Daily Soccer Report”

  1. All of this speculation is beyond goofy at this point.

    “A source close to Bale (presumably his agent)”.

    Why can they not come right out and say, “we spoke to his agent”?

    Because that didn’t happen. A source? Give me a break.

    A source close to Bale (presumably his agent) said that Bale had a sandwich today. Then we went pee. Then he blinked.

    Why doesn’t Bale grow a pair and speak for himself?

    Why this eternal veil of secrecy?

  2. Yet another deceitful article thgat posts alleged FACTS and credits theso-called facts to a “source”. Only a desperate author expects to have credibility when supposedly quoting a gutless person not prepared to put their name to the “FACT”. Has the idiot questioned why the only SUBSTANTIATED statement is by AVB sating Bale is nopt for sale. Is the idiot postring this artcile angling for a job at Marca. Is Marca now included in the fiction centre at libraries?If so perhaps this might be the appropriate location for this fairy story.

    1. I hope Bale leaves for;

      1. So this story goes away.

      2. And so that the supporters hang up their journalistic critiques and go back to looking at moving pictures.

      1. Supercillious smug posters like this, obviously, are happy to see the Premie League dnuded of world class players. what xpertise to you have that makes your opinion so much more valid? Misplaced arrogance is very mcu a characte flaw. Blogs are posted and everyone has the right to respond on the internet. Dissntion is part of the discussion process apart from the Adolphs like COYDenial.

  3. Here’s an alternative headline for you “Daniel Levy distraught that Bale wants to tear up his contract and leave” Or “GB’s agent distraught that he wants to stay at THFC” Would make a change from all the player-favouring headlines that we’re growing very tired of.

      1. In the absence of them doing so, is it honest to post “a source close to Bale ” as if it were fact? Is it acceptable to quote somebody with out the guts to stand up and be counted? How have you checked the veracity of a third hand quote?

        1. I’m quoting what Sky Sports is reporting.

          How the hell would I be able to “check the veracity of a third hand quote”? Do you think Sky Sports would reveal to me who it was. Come on.

          You have a fitting handle.

          1. The only words that matter are from AVB, “he’s not for sale”.
            You reported it Chris but only 3 people commented on it, i guess that shows the importance of direct quotes.

      2. Come on CH, that’s a bit of a stretch and you know it is, AVB IS talking to the press, reference his interview yesterday, so don’t start implying that he’s not speaking for the club. But, we’ve very little idea of who IS speaking for GB (for example “GB distraught that THFC won’t speak with RM” was a headline from last week), just many, many reports of RM people speaking ABOUT him.

        1. Teepee, I didn’t say that AVB is not talking to the press. I said that Levy is not talking to the press.

  4. Ultimately I expect spurs to force him into submitting a transfer request. If he wants to leave do badly he needs to man up and go through the necessary procedures needed to make a transfer happen.

    The fact he hast got the b@lls to hand in a transfer request because he’s allegedly worried what the spurs fans will think of him AND the fact he allegedly had his mummy and daddy at a meeting with the club officials all points to him not handling the pressure in Madrid if he moved.

    I’ve no sympathy for him over how he’s dealing with this and if he’s not careful the spurs fans may start to turn on him soon rather than later.

  5. Please make it stop! This has to be the worst per-season ever for non transfers. Bale, Suarez, Rooney, Fabregas, Ronaldo. Not a single one of note has happened after all the talk. I now see the point of the window. Roll on August 31 when the madness finally ends.

  6. All of you who want this site to be “The Times” need to get over it. It’s a football blog. Period. They give us stories from other sources. The fact that those sources may be crap is irrelevant. It is not anyone’s job to sort them out, other than the reader. We can have fun with the headlines and question their veracity, but for heaven’s sake, take a deep breath!

    You want strictly news? Go to the Prem’s official site. They don’t post anything until it is signed, sealed and delivered.

    This wild-assed speculation goes on every pre-season, so we should all be used to it by now. What’s NBC’s line?…….Keep Calm…… :-)

    1. Guy, to be fair, it’s not just blogs. There are no media organizations verifying the “veracity of third party quotes.” Whether it’s sensitive Tottenham fans or supporters from any other club, it’s unrealistic expectations from soccer fans.

      As you know, we do original reporting and interviews from time to time. I wouldn’t necessarily categorize World Soccer Talk as just a soccer blog. It’s not a newspaper either. It’s a quasi-website/blog.

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