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FOX Sports 1′s Latest 30 Second Ad to Promote Its Soccer Coverage [VIDEO]

fox sports 1 logo 600x290 FOX Sports 1s Latest 30 Second Ad to Promote Its Soccer Coverage [VIDEO]

FOX Sports 1 launches on television on August 17. By coincidence, that’s the same day that NBC Sports will be launching its Premier League coverage, but FOX Sports 1 will still have a lot of soccer matches to watch throughout the season including the UEFA Champions League, FA Cup, Europa League and their new soccer show FOX Soccer Daily plus future tournaments such as the 2014 International Champions Cup, FIFA World Cup 2018, FIFA World Cup 2022 and FIFA Women’s World Cup 2015.

To promote the launch of its new network, which is replacing SPEED, here’s their latest 30 second spot that features a brilliant song from one of my favorite bands, The Hives:

What do you think of it? Love it? Hate it? Share your opinion in the comments section below.

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10 Responses to FOX Sports 1′s Latest 30 Second Ad to Promote Its Soccer Coverage [VIDEO]

  1. Pete Q says:

    Rob Stone is Fun!? Eric Wynalda is Fun!? Gus Johnson is Fun!?

  2. Pete Q says:

    Watching matches with the sound muted is FUN!

  3. Cody says:

    Awesome that they have moved their remaining football coverage to this channel.

  4. rej4sl says:

    I am not looking forward to Fox keeping soccer and losing Fox Soccer Channel. With so much football I hope we don’t get a lot of it assigned to FSPlus as we don’t get that here.

  5. rkujay says:

    According to this misleading cr*p, you can watch La Liga, the EPL, the Bundesliga and Serie A.

    Oh wait! It will be racin’, rasslin’ and women’s footy. I won’t be tuning in, fox.

  6. Ivan says:

    Fox: the channel that proudly lost the broadcasting rights to:

    The English Premier League
    Seria A
    The Bundesliga
    League Un

    Fox: the channel that tortures millions courtesy of Gus Johnson.

    Fox: we will make sure you never tune in again!

  7. Cantona says:

    How much do you want a bet they choose Regis Philbin over a Champions League telecast… It’s coming

    Start preparing for alternative means of viewing NOW


  8. John K says:

    Gus Johnson is the f’in man. I am an American soccer “centrist”…I could care less about MLS but I love the USMNT and the EPL. My point being that I can’t stand the presentation snobs, we are trying to grow soccer in the USA here, Gus Johnson has done a good job so far adding an American voice to the game. He doesn’t talk to much, keeps it brief when he does, and gets excited at the right time “he’s IN THE AREA!” c’mon thats good stuff.

    People need to relax, nobody is going to steal your Football and ruin in, Fox lost the rights to the meat and potatoes but they still have Champions League and the fact that are marketing the game is good.

    A few summers ago everyone is bitching of not being able to watch, now we are spoiled (NBC, FOX, and many networks have beIN now). I couldn’t be happier right now.

  9. G says:

    I don’t agree with Gus Johnson being a great soccer announcer at this point (although he seems like a nice guy trying to do a good job) but I definitely agree that we should be grateful of the big steps Fox made in creating so much access on the tube to a lot of soccer.

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