Watch NBC’s ‘I Was There’ Video Featuring Crystal Palace vs Watford at Wembley [VIDEO]

If you search through YouTube, you’ll find a couple of videos produced by NBC Sports Network on the theme of “I was there,” where sports fans discuss the highs and lows of what it was like to be at magnificent games. The two examples I found this morning revolved around great NHL games.

But lo and behold, there’s one about soccer. I’m not sure whether the video is part of a series that NBC Sports Network will be doing in the future, or that they’ve done in the past. Or whether it’ll be online only or on television, too. But the first “I was there” video focused on soccer features the Championship final played at Wembley Stadium in May between Crystal Palace and Watford to determine which club would be promoted to the Premier League for the 2013-14 season.

It provides valuable insight into how nerve-wracking it is as a supporter during one of the world’s richest games:

The video can be summed up in one word: Goosebumps.

Watch all of the videos in the I Was There series.


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