Chepo Stays On As Coach of Mexico National Team

UPDATED: Despite reports from ESPN Deportes that Chepo had been fired as manager of the Mexican National Team, the Mexican Football Federation has announced that Chepo will continue on as manager of the Mexico National Team.

José Manuel “Chepo” de la Torre met with a senior member of the Mexican Football Federation today for talks.

Tomás Boy was reportedly ready to take over as manager of the Mexican national team, reported ESPN Deportes.

During Chepo’s tenure as manager of the national team, the Mexico team crashed out of the 2013 CONCACAF Gold Cup after losing to Panama in the semi-final. Plus the team’s performances in the World Cup qualifying matches have been dreadful.

3 thoughts on “Chepo Stays On As Coach of Mexico National Team”

  1. I’m not sure this is accurate. About an hour ago on ESPN Deportes radio I heard them covering the meeting between Chepo and the Mexican FA and they said he would be staying on for now.

    They said he is going to be given 2 games to turn things around, the friendly vs Ivory Coast in the US and the qualifier against Honduras. That sounds completely insane to me becasue if they decied to sack him after Honduras that means 3 days later they will be playing the US in a HUGE qualifier with a manager who just took over.

    1. ESPN Deportes first reported he was fired. Then later they said that he wasn’t. But there’s a press conference scheduled for later tonight where the Mexican Federation will hopefully set the record straight.

  2. He ought to be held over. Mexico fielded a “C” squad in the Copa Oro and honestly they will qualify if they win the two games remaining at Azteca. If they qualify they have a year to blend in the younger talent Chepo has been experimenting with and to get his tactics right (ie. stop playing Salcido in the middle, etc).

    From there we can see what happens. If he goes, Bielsa would be a good short term replacement. He’s the one foreigner that could command respect in Mexico.

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