Complete List Of TV Providers Offering Access to NBC Sports Live Extra

One of the most exciting aspects of NBC’s coverage of the 2013-14 Premier League season is that, for the first time ever, all 380 matches will be available online for free with authenticated access.

That means no $14.95 or $19.95 monthly subscriptions to only see a selection of the matches played — whether it was FOX Soccer 2Go, before that or Setanta-i.

As long as you have a TV subscription to NBC Sports Network with a TV provider who has an agreement in place with NBC Sports, you’re in. New TV providers have signed up, and hopefully even more will agree deals with NBC before the season kicks off on August 17.

For a complete list of the TV providers who are offering NBC Sports Live Extra (with an authenticated login, as long as you subscribe to NBC Sports Network on TV), see below. Note that this list is subject to change. And the list is complete as of press time.

A massive thank you goes out to World Soccer Talk reader Kris, who describes himself as a “graphic designer by day, and a World Soccer Talk reader by night.” Kris put together the entire list in Photoshop.

Questions? Here’s everything you need to know about NBC’s coverage of the Premier League.

49 thoughts on “Complete List Of TV Providers Offering Access to NBC Sports Live Extra”

    1. Not necessarily. Those are separate deals that need to be signed and agreed. No news yet on which TV providers will offer Premier League Extra Time.

  1. Seriously going to have to go Dish Network here. How can Time Warner or RCN be dragging their feet on this.

    1. TWC was also the last major cable network to come to an agreement with the NFL Network, as well as the Big Ten network, IIRC.

  2. Basically a large portion of New York City don’t have access to these providers. I have to stop looking at this page…it’s just extraordinarily frustrating not having access to this.

  3. Called DirecTv today about NBC Sports Live Extra And Premier League Extra Time and the guy told me that they should have an announcement by July 27th, he made the comment that “it was not just up to DirecTv but also NBC as to whether it will be available”
    Told him that Xfinity and Dish were on board and even though my monthly $$ wont break them, they need to know that by not offering this, it was forcing myself and countless others to leave for another provider that will.
    I’m taking his comments with a grain of salt until the 27th then :)

    1. I fear that the DirecTV “it’s not just up to us” speech could mean “we aren’t going to have this because we won’t pay NBC for it.”

  4. I have a fantastic Comcast Xfinity cable internet package, but a basic Comcast cable TV package that does not include NBC Sports Network. What are the chances that my Xfinity cable will include NBC Sports Network access, even though I can’t get it on my TV?

    1. Very slim. From what I understand, you need to have cable access to NBC Sports Network to be able to properly authenticate to access NBC Sports Live Extra.

  5. Gaffer,

    My pleasure making the list for everyone to see.

    I’m in the same boat as all you guys.

    I have Cox and have written (and called) more than 10-15 times – I’ve posted directly on Cox Communication’s Facebook page – always to be told the same thing over and over – simply in different ways, “Sorry, sir. But I’ll put in a request on your behalf to note your inquiry”.


    So, hopefully everyone’s situation will be worked out.

    Looks like maybe Dish, or CenturyLink Prism TV for me.



  6. My question is in regards to watching NON live matches online. Does anyone know if we will be able to access the matches online after they have finished? Those 6am matches were always impossible to get up for. I want to be able to wake up at 8 and start the match.

    1. If there is no replay feature for all of the matches then the app becomes pointless. There has to be!? Right?!

      Gaffer, any news on match replays for the app?

      Hope the DISH dvr holds tons of space for recorded shows.

      Also, like was discussed in the past, I hope there is not an annoying score ticker splashing scores all over the place. If you know the outcome of a match you were excited to see, then that match becomes meaningless to watch.

      If that’s the case, my wife will have to be the one controlling the app, then she’ll just hand it to me when the match is the only thing filling my screen.

      No score tickers, and replays for matches! Two must-haves for the forthcoming app.


      1. One of the the higher ups in the channel has that he never has tickers on his projects and there probably wont be one for EPL. Also I woud wat until a week. Or a couple of days before kickoff to switch your TV povider. NBC has said they expect more deals to be done.

  7. Brighthouse is still not on this list! I’ve called twice and e-mailed 3 times. So if you have Brighthouse – or know someone that does – PLEASE contact them @ 1-888-289-8988 and let them know that this is important.


  8. I asked Time Warner Cable about this in their online chat,

    “I would like to see Time Warner Cable add access to NBC Sports Live Extra and Premier League Extra Time within the next month. I left Dish and came to Time Warner in part for the access to Fox Soccer while the EPL was on Fox Soccer. Now that the EPL is on NBC I will be choosing a cable or satellite provider which has access to NBC Sports Live Extra and Premier League Extra Time.”

    Jack>We appreciate your feedback. We are committed to providing you with the highest quality of service, so your feedback is very important to us. We also value your comments.
    Jack>Thank you very much for highlighting this to us.
    Jack>It will be definitely available by the next month for all our valued customers.
    Jack>Please be assured.

  9. Gaffer:

    How about an update on those tv providers who will have Premier League Extra time.

    Not interested in streaming and blowing my data limits…interested in watching on tv.


      1. Thanks.

        I’ve shared your articles on a couple websites to increase the calls to the various tv providers.

        Naturally, among us footy supporters there’s the concern we won’t get PLE. Those tv providers that don’t offer it will see cancellations depending on contract expiration’s.

        I suspect they’ll fall in line as the season starts.

        keep us updated, ta.

    1. It’s not complicated. As long as you subscribe to NBC Sports Network via your TV provider, and your TV provider has a deal in place with NBC, then you can watch every single match online and most of them on TV (and all of them on TV, if your provider has Premier League Extra Time).

  10. Where is the info coming from regarding what network providers are offering Prem Extra Time? Having those extra channels is a huuuuuge deal for me considering I’m a Southampton fan, it’s not like I get to watch them in glorious HD that often on my own tv! Yes watching them on nbc sport live extra will be good but I just want to be able to watch ALL their games on my tv, on my sofa, on a 40inch screen, in HD, vs at my desk on my computer with a crappy internet connection that buffers.

  11. I have charter and I do get all the nbc channels with the package that I currently carry but wondering why charter is not shown as part of the providers when I try to login to nbcsports/liveextra through my iphone app?


        1. Can people help me called about few times demanding premier league extra they just brushed me off javascript:void(0) thts the link

  12. I spoke to a very helpful lady Suzette at bright house today the 9th who told me that they are in the progress of setting up the premier league extra time package for the start of the season.
    Hopefully she is correct, never know with bright house

    Anyone else know the situation with bright house.

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