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Jose Mourinho Delivers Ultimatum to Manchester United Over Wayne Rooney Bid; It’s Rooney Or Bust

jose mourinho Jose Mourinho Delivers Ultimatum to Manchester United Over Wayne Rooney Bid; Its Rooney Or Bust

Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has delivered an ultimatum to Manchester United over his club’s bid for striker Wayne Rooney.

In a press conference in Asia today, Mourinho confirmed that the Blues made a bid for Rooney, but he said that Chelsea will not make an improved bid for Rooney. The Special One admitted the English footballer is the only transfer target that Chelsea are currently chasing. He was asked whether it was “Rooney or bust” in regards to his summer transfer plans, to which he replied “yes.”

Mourinho added that “We want the player. We made a bid and now it’s up to Manchester United.”

Mourinho also reconfirmed that no player was offered as part of the deal for Rooney.

Meanwhile, Manchester United chief executive Ed Woodward has canceled his travel plans to join United in Australia, and instead is flying back to the United Kingdom to conduct transfer business. That could mean that the signing of Cesc Fabregas is closer to being finalized, or it could be another Manchester United transfer signing is close to signing.

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13 Responses to Jose Mourinho Delivers Ultimatum to Manchester United Over Wayne Rooney Bid; It’s Rooney Or Bust

  1. christian says:

    The Special One is making the Premier League so much better in such a short amount of time.

  2. Mufc77 says:

    Whatever you say Jose

  3. IU Gonzo says:

    No matter how this finishes, I can’t wait to see the first new episode of Special 1 TV when it comes out. :)

  4. Frill Artist says:

    There he goes again…yapping that fat trap.

  5. Efrain says:

    Gaffer, have to say that I don’t much care for having to watch an ad in order to read an article/blog/post.

    I think the ads on top and sides are sufficient. They do work… I have clicked on a few of them :)

    • Christopher Harris says:

      Unfortunately the banner ads don’t generate enough revenue to pay the bills, so I have to look for other means of generating revenue to keep the site running. A lot of sites are going to paywalls, which I want to avoid. But the video that can be skipped after 10 seconds is a suitable alternative in my opinion.

  6. Justin says:

    are these videos serious…. WorldSoccerTalk is turning into YouTube with all these forced ads

  7. Sean says:

    The best thing Manchester United can do with Rooney is neither sell him nor play him. Sit him unused on that subs bench & offer him double chocolate cake every half time to keep in training.
    In two years time when his £250,000 a week ransom runs out he will worth nothing to no one.

    • Kagawa26 says:

      Thats so stupid. If we sell him we save 26 million in wages and we get a transfer fee which would bring the grand total to like 45-55 million pounds. That is money to buy another top player. I am baffled why you would want to keep an unhappy player and not play him. I dont get this Rooney to chelsea means they lock up the title. Hes not that great of a player and was a bench warmer for us this season. I guess your one of those people that think we cant sell rooney at all costs because hes such a great player.

  8. Andy says:

    If Rooney wants out Utd will be forced to sell. Dump him in reserves & EU work rules will be used. Chelsea are pretty much the only club who can offer him the chance to play no9 position and pay wages. Barca, Real, PSG & Monaco & City only others. Can Utd extract the maximum for him then use the funds to make move for super player to ease fears that Utd’s empire is falling… Follow on …

  9. Smokey Bacon says:

    I wonder how Mata and Louise feel after today’s rumors. No way were they not considered as a part exchange. Mata is a quality player who would solve United’s midfield problem. Rooney is writing his p45 at united. Moyes should pick up the phone and call Jose’s bluff. 20 million + Mata and send Rooney on his bike.

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