Manchester United Make £25m Bid For Cesc Fabregas: Daily Soccer Report

Manchester United have made a £25million bid for Barcelona midfielder Cesc Fabregas, according to the Manchester Evening News.

However, there are a few stumbling blocks in the way for United if they hope to sign the former Arsenal maestro. First, Barcelona’s official response to the transfer speculation is “The player is not transferable.” Second, Fabregas has said that he’d like to stay at Barcelona, where he has an opportunity to improve on one of the best teams in the world. And three, Arsenal has first right to refusal on any transfer involving Fabregas.

MOREMan United make shock move for Cesc Fabregas (May, 2013).

Can Manchester United overcome the obstacles to sign Fabregas, or is the transfer speculation a hopeless cause? If United will sign Fabregas, how do you think he’d fit in at Old Trafford? Share your viewpoints in the comment section below.

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10 thoughts on “Manchester United Make £25m Bid For Cesc Fabregas: Daily Soccer Report”

  1. Is this Mr. Moyes’ attempt at lighting matches so no one notices he farted on the Alcantara deal?

    Fabregas seems a waste of time, since the obstacles are formidable. Although, I really cannot see The Arsenal bellying up for someone who wanted to leave the Emirates.
    Hurry up and buy Strootman. And, Mr. Moyes, quit lusting over your formers, Baines and the Hair.

    what a waste of paper or email never going to happen.Moyes is stumbling in the transfer market so far.needs a couple of key signings to quiet the fan base.

  3. Missed out on Thiago so go try for a player who is at his peak and is barely as good as Thiago is now.

    I love the way the rags are headed.

    1. Better than your sorry as club. City or chelski i guess? What did either of those clubs do prior to sugar daddies? They were not relevant in world football at all. Hate on the best huh.

  4. I think Moyes knows what he’s doing. By making a move for Cesc, he puts Arsenal in a bind if they decide to exercise their right of first refusal. If Arsenal ends up signing Cesc, that leaves the door open for Moyes to bring in Fellaini without Arsenal driving up the price. However, if Arsenal signs Fellaini

  5. …. Moyes ends up with Cesc which still works for him. As an Arsenal fan I hope Barca doesn’t sell Cesc.. at least not till next year.

    1. Fellaini is not the star signing the fans are looking for.he takes to much time off and is loose with his elbows.would not touch him with ten foot pole.

  6. Arsenal having first refusal means very little as its up to the player who he ultimately signs with.

    I’ still think Stootman is better value for money if he hasn’t already signed for Roma.

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