Chelsea Line Up £10million Bid for Roma’s Daniele de Rossi: Daily Soccer Report

Chelsea are reportedly lining up a £10million bid for Daniele de Rossi after Roma president James Pallotta admitted that “everybody is on the market,” according to The Daily Mirror newspaper.

The 29-year-old Italian defensive midfielder is being seen as an ideal replacement for John Obi Mikel. Mourinho tried to sign de Rossi when The Special One was at Inter Milan and Real Madrid, but now circumstances have changed where Roma fans have turned on de Rossi and the club has not qualified for the Champions League nor Europa League for next season.

What’s your opinion about de Rossi? Would he be a good signing for Chelsea as a defensive midfielder? Or is £10million too much for a 29-year-old footballer? Share your opinions in the comments section below.

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5 thoughts on “Chelsea Line Up £10million Bid for Roma’s Daniele de Rossi: Daily Soccer Report”

  1. I’ve never been a fan of Jon Obi Mikel, so I’m all for de Rosi coming in to take his place. I think he is the type of hard-nose defensive mid that Chelsea are lacking.

  2. I’m hearing rumours about Alonso following his ex-boss the Special One to Chelsea, and they don’t seem to be going away.

    Though I loathe the business model of Chelsea and Mourinho, I have to admit I would really love to see Alonso back in England again. He could REALLY teach young and budding English footballers (and the old fat cats and corporate bigwigs too), about how to play the real game, patient, probing, incisive passing..patience and sportsmanship in the game, and his professionalism on and off the pitch.

    You hardly ever see a salacious or unglam headline about Alonso in the media, even when he was in England with the notorious media hounds sniffing around, EVER!!! No drinking sprees, no nightclubs, no fooling around and no getting his head puffed up like so many young footballers and so-called talent do nowadays once they sign their first $50,000 a week contract.

    Although I find it hard to see where Chelsea could accommodate both Lampard and Alonso, two ageing midfield masters, admittedly, in their respective game, when so much young talent is in their ranks. But it could be argued just having the model professional that is Xabi alone could make it so enriching for so many young stars at the Blues.

    Or he could always choose to land back at Liverpool, where life has never been the same since he left.

    Ever since he left Liverpool, it’s as if the heart and soul of their Champions’ League glory nights left with him. Liverpool, unlike Chelsea, could REALLY do with Alonso back again.

    If so, could it be a homecoming of sorts for the EPL? Mourinho back, Alonso back, and maybe even Cristiano???

  3. Sorry, back to the article. I find it hard to see where a 29-year old DM who has never played beyond Roman shores can fit into Chelsea’s star-studded lineup. With Mikel, Ramires, even Mata and Oscar (and maybe even swashbuckling budding Beckenbauer LUIZ??) vying for places down the center, plus young homegrown McEachran back again, and that Dutch youngster from is there room enough?

    But then again, this is Chelski, where 29-year olds can be the club record signing for 30 million, and 50 million can be blown on a misfiring striker! So anything is possible!

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