What EPL Fans Can Expect With ‘Premier League Extra Time’ From NBC Sports: Screenshot

Ever since NBC Sports unveiled their Premier League coverage plans in April, there’s been a lot of excitement about not only the quantity of games that will be available, but also the new options to experience the world’s most popular sports league.

Perhaps the most intriguing feature of NBC’s Premier League coverage plans is their Premier League Extra Time service that will allow TV viewers to watch several live games at once (as long as your TV provider has signed up with NBC to offer the service to you).

For example, during the 10am ET timeslot — when most Premier League matches are played — there may be as many as five or six matches being played at the same time. NBC Sports Network will be showing one of them live. Telemundo might too, but there may be  four or five games that are being played at the same time that aren’t on television. That is, unless you have Premier League Extra Time — which is an overflow channel allowing TV subscribers to pick and choose which games they want to watch.

As you can see above, there’s a screenshot of what Premier League Extra Time looks like. Of course, the design and layout of the service may change between now and when it launches in August.

While TV viewers will have Premier League Extra Time, there’s also NBC Sports Live Extra — the app that’ll enable you to see all of the games (again, as long as your TV provider has agreed a deal to bring the service to you).

The big question about Premier League Extra Time is which TV providers will offer the service beginning in August.

In the meantime, find out all of the details you need to know about NBC’s Premier League coverage including what you need to do to ensure your TV provider offers you all of the games.

54 thoughts on “What EPL Fans Can Expect With ‘Premier League Extra Time’ From NBC Sports: Screenshot”

  1. I believe Dish have picked up Extra Time.
    I don’t currently get NBCSPORTS. I have the Dish150 Plus package which includes FSC. I’m hoping that nbcsports will replace FSC in this package. I’m not holding my breath. However, it may be more economical to go to Comcast than go to the Dish 250 package (Dish are you listening)

    1. I think Dish has Live Extra, so you can watch the extra games online. I don’t think Dish has Extra Time yet.

      And am in a similar boat, being a Dos subscriber. The best soccer package on the planet. NBC Sports is in the top. It’d be nice if they swap FSC for NBS, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

  2. I am confused. Can you click on the matches to watch it in full screen? Or do you just see a screen with five or so games on it?

    1. We’ll find out in August, but it may be for illustrative purposes. Or you may be able to use your remote to select the game you want to watch.

      The Gaffer

    2. I sure hope that the NBC app will let you watch *replays* of the games… Because this screen shot is disturbing. Who can watch 5 games at once? I know I can’t. A few times I tried the picture-in-picture deal on my TV. No way. Does not work… In terms of truly focusing on a match. It just bugged me that I tried to convince myself that my eyes could watch two different things at the same time, and now NBC wants me to try and watch five matches at once? lololol – But, let’s wait and see, maybe, and *hopefully* you’ll be able to click on the match you’d like to see and be able to watch that full screen. But, my worst fears are now confirmed… NBC is going to ruin it for me, and show me *the scores to all these games* – ghhhh. I miss Fox S2G… all games were there, no scores… I could watch each game with knowing the score… It was heaven. Hopefully hopefully the NBC app will be a tad bit similar and won’t go smearing scores and highlights all over it, but from the way this screen shot is laid out, they just might. Sigh. I sure hope they prove me wrong.

      1. The screen shot is for Premier League Extra Time, not the NBC Live Extra app. It may be similar to DirecTV’s option for Champions League games, where you can get to choose the one match you want to watch, but we’ll have to wait and see until launch to know for sure.

        As an aside, not aimed at you Dorian, but I can’t believe how many people have been talking about how they’re going to miss FOX Soccer 2Go over the past few months. For years, we had people complaining about it all the time. And the second that the Premier League is no longer on FS2Go, then a lot of people came out of the woodwork to say how much they loved FS2Go (I loved it, too, when it worked).

        The Gaffer

        1. Hey, Gaffer

          I just came across your incredible site recently, so I was not one of the people bashing Fs2g… I’m completely on the flip-side. I adored fs2g… It *always worked for me. I simply loved the format. I could watch all of the games for any said week in the Epl – throughout the week – at my own leisure. There were never any score spoilers… The ticker was at the bottom and only if you clicked on it did it show you the outcomes. I never clicked. The games were right there, very straight forward. Click. Watch. On to the next. The world feed announcers never blared in with this game is this score, and that one has this score. It was perfect. I was an annual subscriber, and I was (am) a massive fan of the app. I put my account on hold because of the lack of games right now, and then in August fs2g will air the champions league qualifiers are starting back up, so that’s what I’m doing. I just pray that the NBC app will not give away all scores and whatnot on their forthcoming app with constant tickers and the like. I also hope that the premier league extra time channels, and the NBC channels in general don’t blast us (the viewers) with constant score updates as well. Fs2g kept it hidden, and that was the brilliance. I could watch all games without knowing the outcomes, making my viewing experience priceless. If NBC tells me scores (with constant tickers that you just can’t miss) then that will be nothing but detrimental to my viewing experience because I will not want to watch those games. Who wants to watch a game you *already know the score for?? Regardless, I hope NBC does the right thing and keeps scores under wraps… Save it for a review show. Thanks, Gaffer. Cheers on the great site you have here.

          1. Thanks Dorian for giving me more background. I agree with you about FOX Soccer 2Go. As a Swansea fan, it was a must-have for me during the past two seasons.

            As for spoilers during games, I agree with you too. I don’t like having tickers or crawls across the bottom of the screen revealing scores of other live games. Nor do I like having commentators tell me what’s happening in the other games mid-game. I asked NBC that question in April, and they said that they had not made a decision, but they were thinking that they would not include a ticker.

            While there may be no ticker, there’s no guarantee that NBC won’t reveal scores from other matches when their own commentator (Arlo White) is announcing the game. We’ll have to wait and see what they plan on doing as we get closer to August 17.

            Thanks for being a new reader to World Soccer Talk!

            The Gaffer

    1. Not sure why you think that. I’m obviously excited about the launch. We’ll get more coverage than ever before, so I’m sorry if you think that’s propaganda.

      The Gaffer

    2. I’m grateful that this is THE go to place for news on EPL broadcasting. This is a great site!

      NBC are going about this the right way, I just hope DirecTV gets on board with the app and the extra TV channels.

    3. A choice of no information or information only based on information from NBC? Hmm, tough choice. I check back with this site just to get any scrap of info, and thank god I do as someone posted a link to an article that I had missed despite many a google search, that indicated my cable provider would likely be signing up for sports extra live.
      I am sure if some aspiring investigative journalist wants to submit a less press release driven piece then Gaffer would be happy to run it.

      1. Just to set the record straight, a lot of the writing I’ve done about NBC Sports hasn’t been from press releases. It’s been from developing relationships, making phone calls, flying up on my own dime to New York for press conferences, and doing some investigative reporting with the network I have. Very few of my pieces come from press releases. The photo above is an exclusive.

        The Gaffer

        1. That wasn’t supposed to be a knock on you Gaffer, it is just at this point there is no NBC coverage to critique so it is based on press releases or whatever you can scare up.
          If once NBC is live with their coverage and the only thing on this site is glowing coverage then the original poster might have a point, but right now what negative stuff could there be?

          1. No worries, I didn’t aim it at you – it was meant for all readers. It’s a lot of work to cobble as much information as I can.

            I agree with you about it being hard to be critical at this juncture. The only negative so far has been Kyle Martino, but I’m willing to give him another chance.

            The Gaffer

  3. I like what I’m seeing from NBC.. Except Kyle Martino…can’t figure that one out… You want a yank that can commentate.. Find one with premiership experience.. Not this guy with, in my opinion, limited European knowledge. Hope he lasts as long as his talk show.


    1. I’ll hold my opinion on Kyle, since his exposure on fox was…underwhelming. But given the choice between him and gus, I am a huge Kyle fan.

  4. I have Comcast cable and Internet. So will this channel automatically show up on my channel list?
    Will I have to register for it somehow? Also, I get the starter package and my area does not offer Telmundo or Galavision so I guess I’m gonna be missing something.

    1. I’m in the same boat (a Xfinity Comcast subscriber). As soon as I know more, I’ll post a new article about it.

      The Gaffer

      1. I was on the phone with Xfinity loyalty sorting out our packages and asked bout Premier League Extra Time. He knew all about it but had no up to date info on it yet. But he did say he would be surprised if we did not get it.

  5. Forgive me if this is a stupid question, but this Premier League Extra Time content…will we have the option to select one of the matches on the screen and just watch that, or have all the remaining games in smaller boxes like the screenshot above?

    Like I said, this is probably a ridiculously stupid question, but I’ve never had NFL Sunday Ticket or any of the other sports packages of the like. Cheers.

  6. Question about the upcoming NBC Coverage of the EPL-

    I have Xfinity/Comcast. In your multiple articles about the coverage, you have mentioned something called “Premier League Extra Time”, a group of overflow channels that will air matches not broadcast on NBCSports/NBC/CNBC/USA/etc, (because they have promised that EVERY match will be shown on TV). You mentioned that people should call their provider and inquire about making sure they have access to this free package of auxiliary channels.

    I called Comcast yesterday to ask them, and they had NO idea what I was talking about. They couldn’t tell me anything other than to check my local listings for the NBCSports coverage, and that if I had access to NBC Sports, I should be able to watch all the games on various channels I already have.

    So what exactly is “Premier League Extra Time”, and does Comcast just not carry it? Or do I have it automatically? If so, what channels are they?


    1. Robin, it may be that you spoke to a lower-level Comcast customer service rep who hasn’t been updated on the changes. This article will shine more light on the matter – http://worldsoccertalk.com/2013/07/29/nbc-announces-tv-schedule-for-epl-matches-between-aug-dec-including-10-on-free-to-air-nbc/

      But NBC Sports has confirmed that Comcast will offer Premier League Extra Time, so it’ll be ready for the 8/17 season kickoff.

      More info about Premier League Extra Time is in the above article and also at http://worldsoccertalk.com/2013/04/23/everything-you-need-to-know-about-nbcs-coverage-of-the-premier-league-2013-16/

      1. I emailed the executive office via we can help.
        Got a call back tonight informing me that Premier League Extra Time are not channels but a platform using the NBC Network and Internet App.
        I read him the press release about the channels from NBC.
        He said Marketing told him his info.
        I am not impressed. He is going to call back soon.
        So we will see.

        1. They don’t know what they’re talking about. Hopefully they’ll get the word out to all the Comcast customer service reps in the next few days.

          1. Someone on another forum was told by Comcast the Premier League Extra Time will be carried on the ESPN networks.

            I think Comcast needs to send a memo to staff ASAP to tell them what is going on as all these faux stories are not good for their reputation.

      2. Spent an hour this morning looking through the Xfinity Comcast TV Show listings page on their website and Xfinity TV remote iphone app, looking at the 10am slot for mysterious empty slots of the schedule. Pinged Comcastcares on Twitter as they’re usually very responsive.

        NBC Sports Live Extra app is laid out nicely and already has slots ready for each game. Hope I can find a decent wifi signal in my hotel this weekend.

        This looks like the link http://stream.nbcsports.com/liveextra/ for the website version of the live stream. Not sure how it will look on Saturday, but will use iphone app as backup.

  7. Is there any word on whether Time Warner Cable will be picking up the Premier League Extra Live channel? We currently have NBCSN but if I can’t get this new channel or the streaming service…I. AM. GONE. Here I come DirectTV.

    1. So far, there’s been no official word from Time Warner. If they don’t add it by next week, I’d recommend that you switch to a TV provider that cares about soccer.

  8. So, I get the difference between “NBC Sports Extra Time” and the “NBC Sports Live Extra app”. However, it doesn’t appear that the question about “replays” was answered. In particular, will you have the ability to watch matches via the NBC Sports Live Extra app at leisure – like on demand capabilities which fs2go offered. Not interested in the ticker dilemma, just want to know if I’ll be able to watch matches later if I cannot tune in when they are streaming live. Thanks.

    1. Tony, the answer regarding whether replays will be available on NBC Sports Live Extra hasn’t been answered by NBC yet. As soon as I find out, I’ll let everyone know in a new article.

  9. Does anybody know if Comcast are carrying the Premier League Extra Time channels. I have been on live chat 4 times this week and have been unable to get an answer. One rep suggested the the extra games would be on ESPN Deportes and MBL extra innings. Take about preposterous.

    1. NBC Sports said that Comcast will feature Premier League Extra Time, but I haven’t heard any news from Comcast yet.

      1. Pissups and breweries come to mind.
        I guess we’ll find out on Saturday and there’s always the NBCSN app.
        Thanks for the info.

  10. Ok so its less than 3 days away and still nothing from Comcast. I have found some other blogs where people have mentioned Comcast reps have told them that this is not a nationwide rollout and will only be available in certain markets. If this is true, then I am done with Comcast.

  11. So is “Live Everywhere” now what they were calling “Live Extra”? Because based on that, Dish Network may not even have that much.

    1. TV Anywhere is the same as NBC Sports Live Extra. DISH will provide its subscribers access to NBC Sports Live Extra as long as they have a current NBC Sports Network subscription.

      1. Thanks for the response Gaffer.

        Is that confirmed with NBC or with Dish? NBC had already confirmed Dish for Extra Time, but Dish is seeming to say no they aren’t and Dish isn’t listed on the 8/8 NBC press release. The same release doesn’t say squat about Dish and “Live Everywhere”, though Dish reps are saying “Live Everywhere” is a go.

        1. NBC has confirmed to me that DISH will be providing access to NBC Sports Live Extra.

          I’m not familiar with Live Everywhere. Is that a DISH product?

        2. It’s an NBC thing… if I spelled it right, “TV Everywhere” not “Live Everywhere”. It sounds like “Live Extra” -> “TV Everywhere”… maybe. The TV Everywhere is mentioned in the link I posted above.

          I don’t know if that means it is the Cable/Sat provider streaming that to the user, or if it is NBC’s site.

          1. It should be NBC streaming it to the user via the authenticated login for participating TV providers.

            I believe you’re correct in that TV Anywhere and TV Everywhere is NBC Sports Live Extra.

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