Monaco Set to Make World Record £85m Bid For Cristiano Ronaldo: Nightly Soccer Report

Expect the majority of headlines and Sky Sports News tomorrow to report on the news that Monaco are set to make a world record £85million bid to try to sign Cristiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid. The explosive story is in tonight’s edition of The Independent newspaper.

According to the article by Jack Pitt-Brooke:

“The Ligue 1 club, funded by Russian billionaire Dmitry Rybolovlev, have already spent over £110m this summer on Radamel Falcao of Atletico Madrid and James Rodriguez and Joao Moutinho of Porto. They are now prepared to make their boldest move yet, taking advantage of the Portuguese forward’s frustration at Madrid, and failure to sign a new deal, to tempt him to join with a world record salary offer of €20m (£17m) per year.

“Monaco are closely monitoring Ronaldo’s negotiations with Real Madrid over a contract extension, and if no deal is done by late July or August they will make their move. There have been talks between Monaco and Ronaldo’s camp over the last 18 months and the two parties met earlier this year.”

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12 thoughts on “Monaco Set to Make World Record £85m Bid For Cristiano Ronaldo: Nightly Soccer Report”

    1. This Liverpool fan cares. 85 million pounds would mean beaucoup bucks to buy Suarez, for 55 million pounds. Then Liverpool could turn that around and buy two overpriced and relatively useless players. Win-win.

      No way I see the original deal happening though.

      1. I agree. If Ronaldo goes to Monaco, that could trigger a domino effect of transfers throughout Europe.

        The Gaffer

  1. B.S. why would he go to Monaco. Only two clubs Ronaldo would leave Real for and thats Bayern or United. No Ucl next year and Ron is in his peak years no way. France italy and Spain ruled out since Real would never let him go to Barca if he wanted to leave. That leaves Germany and England Bayern only xlub in Germany that could afford him and Ron haspublicly stated that he would never play for City and same goes for Chelsea and his bad relationship with Mou makes a transfer there even more unlikely.

      1. Suppose Barca wanted Ronaldo–which is a tad preposterous to begin with after signing Neymar and already having Messi–there’s no way under heaven or the sun that Florentino Pérez would sell him to them. That would cause a firestorm unlike any seen in Spanish sports. That and Perez has an ego only slightly smaller than the Bernabou itself.

        That would mean that Ronaldo would have to be at the end of his contract, which I can’t see him reaching. He will either sign again with Real or if Real knew they could sign him, they’d sell him to a non-La Ligua club like Manchester United.

  2. Of course this is 99.9% likely “made-up journo twaddle.” But if not – Tranaldo to Monaco?

    Wow, would make the French League even more interesting than it is already. And on some levels it is already pretty up there as far as bigger national leagues go.

    It is the only one I can think of where you don’t see pretty much one or at most two clubs who win every single title. (Germany used to be this way a bit, but now Bayern seems to want to impose some sort of imperial doucheyness upon it.)

  3. Ok, not for nothing, but the governing body needs to put a stop to this nonsense bidding. It will hurt smaller markets, less profitable teams and ultimately fans. I have a hard enough time with 30 35 mome on, stop it!!

  4. i can’t see it happening. monaco will buy a few more world-class players, but none as good as ronaldo. isn’t valdes and sagna supposed to be going to monaco???

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