Liverpool Away Shirt for 2013-14 Season: New Leaked [PHOTOS]

New photos of what may be Liverpool’s new away shirt for the 2013-14 season have been leaked on the Internet, but we hope — we really do — that this is a bad joke gone viral.

We’ve seen photos of the new Liverpool away shirt before, but these new photographs are close-up images that look to be more official.

If you cover your hand over the bottom half of the photos of the Liverpool away shirt pictured above, the shirt doesn’t look too bad. But the bottom half design of the jersey looks like one of those nightmare Christmas sweaters that your grandmother knitted for you many moons ago.

What are your thoughts about what may be Liverpool’s new away shirt? Tell us what you think below.

12 thoughts on “Liverpool Away Shirt for 2013-14 Season: New Leaked [PHOTOS]”

  1. I love Sarah Lund but I don’t want to see her sweaters on my club’s kits! I keep hoping this is a bad joke. I thank every deity on earth that Liverpool isn’t in a Euro competition where that purple abortion can’t be seen.

  2. please let this not be true..i can see now why suarez bite Ivanowich, he probably saw this design and had to take the frustration on somebody…plus this was the reason Carra retired a season early.

  3. I wish Jordan Brand would break into the football (soccer) market and start making kits so they could take over this horrendous Warrior Sports deal, these designs are absolute shite. I love Liverpool but I refuse to buy/wear them because they look that bad.

  4. Holy crap. That is awful. Can’t wait to see Liverpool running around in these silly things next year. :)

  5. This is just horrible. It looks like they went for a reverse version of the Chelsea away kit from a few seasons back (the one with the blue boxes that faded into black). While that one was sophisticated and relatively uncomplicated, this one just has too much happening. The collar is bizarre, the red piping frame looks goofy (and will make supporters in the stands who don’t have athletes bodies look even fatter than we really are) and the check pattern is horrid.

    Sadly, if you take a close look at the announcement video for the home kit (which is pretty nice), players are wearing jackets with a similar diamond pattern on them. This means this is either the real deal, or (please lord let this be the case) these are the training kits. After all, there are a lot of teams where this one won’t be wearable, as both out home and away kits will clash with opponents home colors (United, Southampton, Stoke, Sunderland are all teams with similar schemes, and the wanks at United would purposely go with the black shorts and sock combo, just to force us into the purple abomination 3rd kits, which can also be seen in the background of the home kit launch video.)

    We’ll find out for sure tomorrow. I wonder if I can keep my fingers crossed in my sleep?

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