Liverpool Prepared to Sell Luis Suárez for Club-Record £50million+, Says Report

It’s payback time at Anfield for spending all of that money on Liverpool striker Andy Carroll. According to a report tonight in The Guardian newspaper, Liverpool are prepared to sell striker Luis Suarez for a club-record £50million plus.

After Suarez came out in the last 24 hours and explained why he wants to leave England, the club quickly moved to state that Suarez is not for sale. However, the club is understood to be willing to part with the Uruguayan striker only if the purchasing club breaks the £50million mark.

In 2011, Liverpool sold Fernando Torres to Chelsea for a transfer fee of £50million. Afterwards, the club wasted a lot of that investment by rashly spending £35million on Andy Carroll, £19.5million on Stewart Downing and £15million on Jordan Henderson.

The ball is now in Real Madrid’s court to see if they’re willing to spend £50m+ on a 26-year-old striker who is one of the most talented footballers on the planet but who has a track record of prior incidents that tarnish his reputation.

What do you think? Is Luis Suarez worth more than Fernando Torres was two years ago? Do you think Luis Suarez is worth £50m plus, and will Real Madrid be willing to spend that much money to try to win La Liga and the Champions League next season? If you’re a Liverpool supporter, would you take an offer of £50m+ for Suarez if you were in charge of the club? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

28 thoughts on “Liverpool Prepared to Sell Luis Suárez for Club-Record £50million+, Says Report”

  1. Every Liverpool fan knew this day was coming.

    If they can sell him on the continent, they should do so asap and cash in.
    It’s what they buy with the money that worries me.

    Unlike Torres, Suarez is a much more dynamic player, no need to build a team around him. For the right fit – he’s worth 50 million.

    1. LoL…

      I seem to remember every LFC fan that posts on this site swearing blind…bale is off he’s gone…Spurs won’t keep him…

      And when I said Suarez would be gone before bale I remember the outcry!

      No! No way will he leave…we have his back…he’s red through and through… He donated to the YNWA charity, he’ll never turn his back! Europe doesn’t matter..he’ll stay… LMAO

      What a joke…turns out everyone else was right about Suarez. Sticking by a player is admirable…to a point…

      LFC fans got it wrong…perhaps they won’t be so fool hardy in the future… No one is bigger than the club…(and that includes Bale @ Spurs) ..least of all a player with a clearly questionable morale centre with previous.

      A 40m buyout clause means that’s all they need to pay, so 50m isn’t going to happen.

      I hear Defoe and Adebyor are available 10 (k) for Defoe and 15 (k)for Ade (he’s taller) …take your pick.

      With Moyes or the former Shalke manager I still think Everton finish above LFC.

      1. Not so quick, lrt me see you are either a spurs or everton fan. Both teams lack of trophys add up in years vitualy to the excitance of football. And we are not as yet at 1st of sept we will see if euro cup football keeps bale there

      2. Dust “Every Liverpool fan” you say. Not me. Suarez is a wonderful player but has always had serious character flaws.

        From the biting incident at Ajax or his despicable goal tending at the World Cup, a desperate Liverpool knew what they were getting with Suarez when they signed him.

        He has muddied the club’s reputation too often and it’s time to part ways I’m afraid.

  2. sell him for 50 mill plus and end this childs time on anfield. no one is above the club – and no-one is irriplaceable. futhermore get someone mature and continue rebuilding the club with players, who are also decent people

  3. Offcourse he worths even twice that price tag.From a supporter’s point of view,i wouldnt want this deal to take place but on the contrary,its gonna be good business provided its spent wisely this time.Whoever get him if atall he leaves would have to work him on his behaviour,he could do anything to win.YNWA SUAREZ!

  4. Love Liverpool and love 50 million…Suarez is a great Liverpool player but not a Liverpool great…that will buy 2 affordable strikers and a quality central defender.

  5. Yeah, the day is getting closer where we might have to cash in on Luis Suarez. I would like to see him stay another year or two, but if we can get 60m+ for him it would do so much for the squad as a whole, yeah he has moments of madness that can’t be condoned but we love him all the same. No player is bigger than the club.
    And if we sold him and got say Jackson Martinez or Steven Jovetic and a top class CB plus the players being bid for with the money he has and those that will be sold, it sounds like a viable option. But only an option not a must do. YNWA

  6. Plus if Gareth Bale is worth 70m which is a ridiculous figure then So is Suarez. Take off 5m for Red Mist moments and there u have it.

  7. Sell Luis the racist for 50m and buy Robbie Keane back for 35m.

    If Suarez is worth 50m what’s Rooney worth since he’s actually won things in the game.

  8. LOL on Liverpool. Can wait when they buy Titus Bramble for 25 million and Danny Graham for 30 million.

    Liverpool to fight relegation next season as Skrtel and Carragher jump ship (transfer + retirement).

    1. Opti, Have you been a Liverpool fan for 5 minutes? Suarez will go and we will re build. Kenny, rush, fowler, Owen, Torres……. We are Liverpool. No player is bigger than us. Why not become a man city supporter. Prat.

      1. Haha. Fowler, McManaman, Owen, and Torres won how many combined league titles for Liverpool? How many did Owen and Torres win for other teams?

        Dream on… Liverpool is off the perch and heading, at best, to mid-table mediocrity, once they lose their ability to attract players based on 2005 and Gerrard retires/declines further.

        18 and … walking alone. That’s the New Liverpool. Get used to it.

      2. Obviously, if you don’t recognize my photo tag, you are the one in need of EPL re-education. Come back when you have read about English football pre-2004/05.

  9. 50 million smackers for his silly antics and diving. He brings good things and bad things to the sport. How can I introduce friends to the game of football here in the states with someone like this being reveled as a great player. Cya Suarez. Liver pool can now shop for a well rounded superstar that does not give the sport a bad name.

  10. Both managers have been made to look foolish for sticking up for this jackwagen.LFC management have been just as foolish for backing him.then he has the gall to say nobody supported him.

  11. Torres was worth 50 million pounds when he was playing very well with Liverpool, but that was a year plus before he was sold.

    Suarez is much more active and successful right now than Torres was when he was sold.

  12. 50+ Mill would be nice..! But you guys forget the majority of foreign players coming into the league take time to adjust.! So what would that mean for us, another season of mediocre? I love the pool and want us back in the top four and challeging for titles and cups. Suarez is our best player by a country mile. If we continue to sell our best players we are going to always be “in transition”.
    Arsenal are a prime example, exceptional club, history, playing style, but can’t keep their “worldies” therefore celebrate finish in the top like they have won something. How embarrassing to be a fan celebrating not winning anything.
    Yes he has issues that really need to be solved before he is given an extended ban from football, but he is a street fighter style player born and raised in South America! Without that fiery edge I doubt he would be the same player.
    I say keep our best player.! Who would we replace him with? Actually think of the players we could possibly get that would actually come to us, that can score some of the crazy goals this guy does, very rarely get injured, actually score goals, hit the floor running (Stoke), but would only cost 25 mill (so we could spend the remaining on the squad, of course)
    I can’t think of one…!
    We need to keep him, sort at his act so that the press love him instead of hate him an add real talent to the team.

  13. sell suarez for 50 million and spend the money on young talented players.LEARN FROM BORRUSIA DORTMUND,they were under cash crisis and opted to go for young players and now they are the 2nd best team in europe

  14. I am glad the owners and B Rodgers are standing firm on Suarez. He is currently the third best football player in world football, so if R Madrid have offered £60M plus for Bale, Then Suarez is worth more than £60M plus.

    As only a fool would say Bale had a better season than Suarez, Suarez was the most consistant performer throughout the whole season but due to his stupid antics and mad character, he let the club, us fans and himself and his family down.

    Suarez should be sold for no less than £60M i would say,then the money generated should be put all back in squad.

    If Carroll is sold for £15 and Suarez is sold for £50-£60M,

    Then these are the 6 players who should be brought in to replace them: 6 class quality players to replace one world class player and one class player:

    1: FD: C Benteke(21) Of A Villa for £16-£22M to compete with Aspas and Sturridge

    2: FD: G Rossi(26) Of Fiorentina for £6-£9M to compete with Aspas, sturridge and hopefully Benteke

    3: AM: I Munian(19) Of A Bilbao for £10-£14M to compete with Coutinho, Shelvey and Suso.

    4: RW / RWF: C Tello(21) Of Barcelona for £8-£10M to compete with Sterling

    5: LW / LWF: D Capel(25) Of Sporting Clube De Portugal /Lisbon for £4-£6M to compete with IBE

    6: CM: De Guzman(25) Of Villareal for £4-£6M to compete with Allen, Gerrard and Henderson.

    Those 6 players would replace Carroll and Suarez with ease and bring more class, quality competition and depth to the squad.

  15. If Liverpool can find someone to pay that price for Suarez then they need to make the deal. As talented as he is, the nonsense that surrounds Suarez is starting to outweigh the value he brings to the pitch.

    Twenty-three goals may be hard to replace, but it’s getting harder to watch Suarez play and the squad needs to make a move while his value is still high.

    1. Here’s a statistic you’ll find interesting. Even without Suarez’s goals Liverpool would still have finished 7th. Another, Liverpool had a better record without Suarez than with him. He is a world class player but hardly a must-keep at any cost for Liverpool. Anything above 40 million and the club should take the money.

  16. I’m not sure Liverpool will get 50 million for him but I can see the club accepting 40-45 million with add-ons. That would be good business. Time for Liverpool to move on.

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