Paris Saint-Germain Offer to Match Wayne Rooney’s Wages

Paris Saint-Germain have offered to meet Wayne Rooney’s wages in an effort to convince Manchester United to part with the striker.

It’s understood that PSG are willing to pay Rooney’s £300,000 per week wages. The French club are interested in pairing Rooney with Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Rooney is still reportedly disgruntled at the club, and the promise of a club matching his salary should push him closer to the edge of leaving the Old Trafford side.

Perhaps the only obstacle in the path between Rooney and Paris Saint-Germain is Manchester United themselves. The Red Devils paid Everton £25 million for Rooney in 2004, and the club will want to recoup a princely sum to let Rooney go.

Publicly Manchester United have stated that Rooney is not for sale. But privately, I wouldn’t be surprised if discussions will take place in the near future about whether United should seriously consider PSG’s intentions.

What do you think? Should Manchester United consider Paris Saint-Germain’s interest? And do you think this is a smart career move for Rooney who will be guaranteed Champions League football at a club where he’d be happier? Tell us your opinions in the comments section below.

11 thoughts on “Paris Saint-Germain Offer to Match Wayne Rooney’s Wages”

  1. Best news ive had all day. All i need now is for Evra to go and for Shaw to come in with either Gundogan or Strootman and that will be a a successful summer. Wayne you greedy prick please accept the offer

    1. Marc L
      touche you beat me to it.all the Grandmothers in London might be able to take a deep breath if rumor is true.

  2. I really like Rooney as a player, but it seems like he needs a change of scenery if he’s going to make the changes to his diet/lifestyle/etc. that will help him be an elite player in his 30s. I mean, if he wasn’t going to learn that ethic from SAF, Giggs and Scholes, it’s hard to see how he’ll learn it at United now.

    Sending him to PSG is a great outcome. As a United fan, I REALLY don’t want him to rediscover fitness as a Chelsea player and terrorize us for the next 5-6 years. Let him go to Paris.

  3. PSG would be making the biggest mistake in th world if they pay more than 25 millon for Rooney and pay him anything more than 150,000 a week. He is fast becoming a has-been.

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