Watch the Premier League 2012-13 Season Montage From Sky Sports [VIDEO]

As is tradition at the end of every Premier League season, Sky Sports puts together a montage that captures many of the memorable sights and sounds from the season that just ended.

But hurry! Since the video below contains footage protected by rights holders, watch it now before Sky Sports or the Premier League remove it from YouTube.

Congratulations to Sky Sports on another incredible Premier League montage.


3 thoughts on “Watch the Premier League 2012-13 Season Montage From Sky Sports [VIDEO]”

  1. Who's the announcer at 2:35 for Lowton's goal vs. Stoke? I believe he's also at 2:58 for Michu's goal vs Arsenal.

    I think he's my favorite announcer of the bunch. Just for the way he says the player's name when he scores.

    1. Great question Tom. Perhaps one of the other readers can answer the question. The voice is very familiar but the clips are too short for me to figure out exactly who it is.

      The Gaffer


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