Nike’s England Home Shirt for 2013 Revealed; Looks Like USMNT Jersey From 2010

England’s new shirt for the FA’s 150th Anniversary Year has been revealed. It’s the first England shirt from Nike after taking over from Umbro. And in typical Nike style when it comes to soccer shirts, it’s underwhelming to say the least.

While Umbro added a long legacy of classy shirt to the history of England, the new jersey from Nike is an abomination. It looks almost exactly like the US Men’s National Team jersey from the World Cup 2010 (without the sash, thank god); see photo below.

Not only is it practically a ripoff of the US Men’s National Team jersey, but England’s new jersey looks strikingly similar to the 1966 jersey worn by their bitter rivals West Germany.

How clueless or uninspired must Nike be to create this new England shirt with zero originality? There’s so much they could have done with the opportunity, but they’ve wasted it on a lazy jersey design that lacks any redeeming factors.

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24 thoughts on “Nike’s England Home Shirt for 2013 Revealed; Looks Like USMNT Jersey From 2010”

  1. How do Nike keep getting new kit contracts? England and Manchester City have gone from classy umbro kits, english made in manchester, to this horrible reprinted nike kits, where the patch is the only change?

    1. The only obvious answer to why clubs and national soccer associations select Nike is money. Sad but true.

      The Gaffer

    2. I would agree with the umbro kits being better. But isn’t umbro owned by nike? basically same company just diffrent design teams?

      1. Umbro was owned by Nike, but Nike sold Umbro to a different company.

        Umbro kept pretty separate from Nike even though their parent firm was Nike.

        The Gaffer

    3. All the good to great umbro kits you’re responding too were made by nike. How is this not more universally known?

      that being said, for the first nike kit, this is excessively boring. Obviously we’ll get a new one for the world cup that I’d assume will be better. Granted the red away’s will be better too.

      1. Umbro were owned by Nike, but it was Umbro’s designers who were the ones who should be congratulated for their designs, not their parent company.

        The Gaffer

  2. Exactly why I’ll be glad when Nike’s contract with Arsenal is done next year. Crap designs for the numerous years on end…

  3. Yeah….that’s a stinker. Sorry folks. As an American, I follow the English team and will buy a shirt when they look good (which they often do), but this is not so good….

  4. Well said Gaffer – I love simplicity but this one is shockingly lazy, especially for a commemorative debut for such a large account – England’s.

  5. Yuck, that’s an ugly shirt. I’m hoping it’s going to be some hoax, and the real thing is going to look better!

  6. !!! England’s 150th anniversary kit and all Nike can muster is this – Simply underwhelming. Shame on you Nike, could have been so much more…

  7. Naff! Not to worry though, The FA will phase this one out quicker than that diabolical shirt with the twinkling stars on the shoulders.

  8. Why is it that the people on these EPL Talk kit comment threads seem to not have any taste in design… a Graphic and Web Designer you have to see the less is more idea, for example the current France kit (The white away one specifically, I own it with Zidane 10 on the back) is absolutely stunning because it is so simple as is this current England kit. Yes Umbro did make some very classy kits but you cannot say these are bad, they are absolutely perfect, Nike has done something great in the past few years by going to the old days of simple clean design work rather than the overcrowded kits of the 90s and 00s

    1. I LOVE the France kits (see They’re some of the most beautiful kits I’ve seen designed in the past decade. Everything about them is a work of beauty. In contrast, the England shirt has no redeeming values other than the FA 150th anniversary crest in gold, which is something that Nike had nothing to do with.

      If ONLY Nike could have designed the England shirt to be anywhere close to being as beautiful and simple as the France kits, none of us would be complaining. You say that the current France kits are simple but stunning, and I agree. But there are nuances with those shirt designs such as the design at the beautiful collar, the two-toned colored shirt and the red stripe at the back of the neck — all of which are miles better than this ordinary England jersey.

      The Gaffer

  9. England is my favorite team and now at last I have a good reason to buy team England jersey. I love England new home kit. It is simple and posh. Away jersey is awful because of stupid collars. I really hate jerseys with collars! That’s why I didn’t buy previous Umbro jerseys . Well, there also were good looking jerseys made by Umbro e.g. 2001-2003 and 2005 – 2009.

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