Roberto Mancini Buys Full Page Advert to Thank Manchester City Fans: The Daily EPL

Roberto Mancini has said goodbye to Manchester City supporters with a full-page ad he bought in the local Manchester Evening News newspaper.

Most City supporters have a soft spot in their heart for Mancini, and feel disappointed that he’s left the club. “Manchester City supporters, 3 unforgettable years. You will always be in my heart, Ciao Roberto Mancini,” reads the ad. It’ll be difficult for any City supporter to have anything negative to say about Mancini after that.

And just to rub it in to the Manchester City hierarchy, Mancini included photographs of the three trophies he won while he was City boss — the FA Cup, the Community Shield and the Premier League title. In your face City hierarchy!

Here are today’s Premier League news headlines:

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12 thoughts on “Roberto Mancini Buys Full Page Advert to Thank Manchester City Fans: The Daily EPL”

  1. Very classy. I have to say that I am till trying to figure out why a coach from a second place team gets sacked. All the best to Mancini in future endeavors.

  2. PMSL – since when is the community shield been advertised as a major trophy?

    He won 2 trophy’s & one was on goal difference with 2 goals in injury time in the last game.

    And this year, not a single win in Europe (didnt even get europa league consolation) and miles behind UTD in the league – not to mention a very embarrassing cup final defeat to a relegated team.

    Certainly not £500,000,000 worth

    Terrible manager, no man management, no tactics, buys players who are rated over 9 on Fifa only, doesn’t develop youth and now he’s been sacked, the facts that he was rude to everyone at the club to never helped his case.

    City are a small club with unlimited money – but still a very small club and this will always remain so.

    1. Butthurt much?
      And the super cup (equivalent of shield) in spain, italy and germany is a big deal, so why shouldnt it in England?
      Oh, cuz City won it.

      Mancini also doesnt buy the players.

      1. Isn’t the super cup the winners of the CL vs the EL?

        City would never get to that, they didn’t even win a game in the group stage!

  3. Chris is a small man with a very small mind…….he is still a very bitter man after last season and will always remain so.

    Quite obviously, winning the title this season, still hasn’t taken the pain away …. has it?

    Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha.

    1. Pmsl

      These past weeks alone have more than made up for it.

      20 titles to 3
      13 EPL to 1 (if a goal difference win can even count as your 1 single title)
      3 CL to 0

      … Could go on. :-)

      Title won by such a distance, with 4 weeks left.

      City losing to Wigan in cup final!! Hahaha – never laughed as much! (150mil of players on the pitch against a 12mil one)

      Mancini sacked
      Platted resigns
      And 5 other backroom staff too

      Sinking ship indeed!

      Mancini’s top summer transfers were rodwell & Sinclair – and van persie rejected your millions as he wanted to join “a big club”

      Hahahaha :-)

      Always in United’s Shadow!

      1. The fact that you’ve taken the bait so easily proves otherwise. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

        What a very bitter man you really are……you even spend your spare time reading news pages about us.

        Keep biting and making my day! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha


    1. A trophy is a trophy. I’ve never seen a Community Shield that was played as a friendly. City had to beat Chelsea 3-2 last August, and deserved to win it.

      The Gaffer

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