QPR Striker Loic Remy Arrested On Suspicion of Rape

As if it couldn’t get any worse for Queens Park Rangers, the club’s star striker Loic Remy has been arrested on suspicion of rape. The French international was arrested along with two other men, one being his cousin, after a woman allegedly was gang-raped by the three men in London last week.

Reportedly, the woman visited Remy in his apartment in Fulham, where Remy’s cousin and friend were also present. The woman was offered a drink and allegedly lost consciousness afterwards. When she awoke hours later, it’s claimed she was naked and the three men were present.

Loic Remy remains in custody in a west London police station along with the two other men.

5 thoughts on “QPR Striker Loic Remy Arrested On Suspicion of Rape”

  1. Egads….. Of course….[all the standard stuff about allowing the legal process to proceed], but what a dumpster fire of a club!

  2. Either way, QPR are looking quite screwed at the moment. Some of these players have massive wages that I don’t see other teams swooping in to grab. Maybe some of the neo-rich eastern teams can grab a couple of them?

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