Premier League Sunday, Gameweek 37: Open Thread

If you’re up early today, there’s a Championship semi-final playoff on telly today — before the seven Premier League matches get under way. It’s between Watford and Leicester at 7:30am ET on beIN SPORT. Leicester won the first leg one-nil. The winner goes through to the playoff final to play either Brighton or Crystal Palace.

The first Premier League match of the day kicks off at 8:30am ET on FOX Soccer between Stoke City and Tottenham Hotspur. Needless to say, Spurs desperately needs a win to put the pressure on Arsenal, who play on Tuesday against Wigan. A win for Spurs helps them leapfrog over Arsenal, back into fourth spot.

Then, at 10am ET, there are five Premier League matches kicking off. Take your pick between the relegation battles (teams in bold) between Sunderland vs Southampton, QPR vs Newcastle, Norwich vs West Brom and Fulham vs Liverpool. Or there’s Everton vs West Ham.

Last but not least, Manchester United will be pulling out all of the stops at Old Trafford for their match against Swansea where (1) they’ll receive the Premier League trophy, (2) there’ll be an emotional goodbye for Sir Alex Ferguson, (3) there’ll be an emotional goodbye for Paul Scholes, and (4) finally, there’ll be a special mural unveiled before the game to celebrate the 20th title. Oh yeah, and there’s a game to play.

View the TV schedule here for all of the games on US TV and Internet.

Join the conversation before, during or after the game with football supporters from around the world.

And for those of you who are moms (or mums) in the United States, I’d like to wish you a Happy Mother’s Day.

Have a wonderful Sunday!

160 thoughts on “Premier League Sunday, Gameweek 37: Open Thread”

  1. Big day at Stoke today, official celebrations of our 150th anniversary. Everyone in the ground gets a free shirt courtesy of the club and there’s a load of other per match stuff going on. Just looking out of the window across to the ground and the car parks look full already outside the ground.

    At best the weather looks overcast. I really don’t know what to expect now we’re certain of survival. I’m looking forward to Adam vs Bale and Dust’s incandescent rage if Bale gets so much as his hair ruffled.

    Should be back in time for the rest of today’s games so I’ll hopefully be back on in a good mood.

    1. LoL… No need for rage… We won…Adam has issues…

      Can’t keep buying players like him if you want better football…Pulis has to go IMO for stoke to move forward… If Brighton dont go up how about Gus Poyet

  2. 4:30 in California now, I believe it’s the first time I’m up at this time this year. Told the wife for Mother’s day I’ll be taking care of the baby if she wakes up early, little does she know that it’s Fergie’s final home game ever (I will be up either way). Thank you Sir Alex, without you I wouldn’t be a United fan today (Plus Cantona of course).

  3. Just hoping today Fox won’t mess up the final celebrations at Old Trafford, and I really REALLY hope that they would show Fergie’s usual (and last) speech in full.

  4. Certainly won’t be rooting against Stoke, but a loss to Spurs won’t bother me at this point. I just want to warn Dust that Tony said he wants to “take it to” Spurs and put on a show for our last home match and in honor of our 150th anniversary.

    Needless to say, we Potters await the unleashing of this juggernaut that Tony has been holding in check. Perhaps he will allow more than 6 players to cross the midfield stripe. It could be wild and crazy! :-)

    1. Of course, a cynic would wonder why it took so long for Tony to figure out that Adam on the pitch gives us the best chance to convert those kinds of opportunities. Ah, well.

      1. I’m not making an excuse for Pulis, I thought Adam looked out of shape at Liverpool. Maybe something was going on that wasn’t spoken about.

        Regardless, Adam has been the difference for them the last three or four weeks.

        1. There’s always something going on in Tony’s mind. It’s just that no one can quite figure out what it is. 😉

    1. Let’s see if the in studio muppets at Fox Soccer will point out that their “boy” Dempsey’s foul led to that chance.

  5. So Clint Dempsey is showing “leadership” for Spurs? I mean, I don’t follow Spurs very closely but exactly how has he been doing this?

    By trying to jam up Fulham to get transferred to Liverpool and ending up at Spurs? By scoring an opportunistic goal?

    Casimir Wojczek could only aspire to be such a leader.

    1. unbelievable. i only heard about the situation from the game with brentford and doncaster a few weeks ago but this has to be the moment of the season in any league.

      glad i chose to watch this one all the way through.

    1. Well you don’t exactly need to be Nostradamus to see this coming. I’m a “stability” guy but have a hard time defending Bob at this point. Seems to have lost the players.

  6. Someone needs to do some investigative reporting and find out why Adam is so pissed off at Bale. He looks deranged every time they play…more than usual.

  7. the dream is alive for Dust and his Spurs looked offside but oh well.i think a very tall order for Wigan to get a result vs AFC.

    1. Wigan beat man city at Wembley in a massive game. As man city have most of the talent ex Farsenal there is no reason they can’t beat the lesser talented portion…

      A shame QPR can’t tie a shoelace let alone a game… So pleased ‘arry isn’t there anymore….

      Sorry about spoiling the celebration but needs must… We had to win

      AVB will beat last years pts total and set a BPL pts record for Spurs with a win v SAFC a d that’s with a a depleted starting 11

      It’s looking good!

  8. Ehhhhhhhh, torn here. Want Spurs to beat out Arse. But also want Wigan to stay up. Also want Stoke to stay up. Stoke wins and maybe Arse is less motivated v. Wigan. But hate Dempsey and Crapebayor…..


  9. What the??! Did they just cut the commentary to talk about QPR’s goal? Can’t they just show that on the bottom left or right corner?

  10. Yorke, Neville, and Schmeichel in studio for Sky Sports build up of Fergie’s farewell

    Fox Soccer gives you the usually muppets.

    1. Hated this channel from day one, Can’t wait to get what they call the BPL out of their hands.

      Had a quick look at TV rights for the EPL next season and found out that in the middle east, AlJazeera Sports will have the rights for the EPL, Serie A, La Liga, Champions League, Europa League, the Confederations Cup and the World Cup. Did a quick search for that network and they have 9 (yes 9) channels. First Class pundits, How I wish to have that network over here.

  11. Old Trafford waving red flags that have Champions 20/13 on them. United gave Swansea fans white flags that have Capital One Winners on it.

    Whole stadium is singing and waving flags. This is great.

    None of it is on Fox.

  12. would be nice touch make Scholes captain today so he could walk with SAF to get the trophy.not going to happen just a thought.

  13. Unbelievable FSC show less than 30 seconds of the players and SAF entrances, its ok though because they managed to get in 4 commercial breaks.

  14. Gareth Bale, demands protection from referees yet is more thain happy to dive in 2 footed with studs up which he did twice today.

    Kevin Friend’s son must have got a cracking Bar Mitzvah present of AVB all the decisions he gave and ignored today.

    Other than that a decent day out, free 150th anniversary t shirt which looked well in the ground, and I presume looked good on TV.

    jtm – my wish for the waiter isn’t so far fetched it seems today. Guy, I’ll drop you an email and let you know what I’ve heard. Comes from as close to the top as you can get.

    1. Why would Rafa take the Stoke job when he get get a job at a bigger club with more funds? Unless Stoke can give him money to spend and pay his high wages which I don’t think Stoke are in a position to do I don’t see it happening. Don’t get your hopes up too high.

  15. Ian
    if true that would be a huge shock. the money to pay the waiter and the money he would want for the transfer market.i trust you have a great source seems a reach but stranger things have happened.

    1. Ian
      I don’t know how you get past the money issue the waiter won’t be happy to play for 10th to 15th in the table.the other offers are they giving him a piece of the team.

  16. Rob Stone said ‘Martin you just mentioned Norwich made it 2-0’ as if to say Tyler is listening to him and they are on the same commentary team. What an idiot. Gus should be listening to Tyler and learning.

    1. Now I heard it, those idiots.

      They will be missed in some way next season.

      We won’tbe laughing alot for sure.

      1. And that was a perfect example of why I really hope United finally sell Rio in the summer window. He hasn’t lost a step. He’s lost 3.

  17. DAMN IT FOX!!!!! I’m watching the Everton match feed and as Moyes came out of the tunnel after the match, they cut it off.

  18. Sunderland-Southampton draw makes them both yearning for an Arsenal win against Wigan. All eyes will be on Wigan again on Tuesday. Must win for Wigan.

    Here’s a situation that could occur. If Arsenal score 6 and concede 2 in their remaining two games and Chelsea draw their last game 0-0 then both teams will have equal goals scored and conceded. Since the EPL has a tiebreaker rule based on goal difference and not head to head, it will mean a playoff for 3rd and 4th. It’s important because the 3rd placed team goes directly into the Champions League group stage while the 4th placed team has to play in the qualification round. If this happens I wonder when they’ll have a playoff? I don’t think it’s going to happen but who knows.

    1. every result today went against wigan. i was hoping they’d still have a chance to stay up with 39 points (or even 38 was still possible), but they have to win their last two now.

  19. The action is taking second place today to the theater but its all still good. Saying good bye to so many today is as good as the action. The rituals surrounding the EPL is just another element of what makes it a great sports league.

    Btw the Dempsey score was outstanding but most likely will not be given too much airtime with what else is going on today.

  20. More FOX genius.

    On Fox Soccer Plus, they usually cut the feed as soon as the commentator gives his summary and the final score.

    I thought since today was Moyes’ last home match they might leave it up for the Everton lap of honor.

    They left the feed up for a good 4 minutes after the match, as the commentator said Moyes and the club were coming back…

    And then…

    An then they cut the feed as the players were about to return.

    All so they could get their 4 minutes of commercials before starting the tape of the Sunderland v Southampton match.

    I am more convinced no one at that network has any understanding of the game.

    1. No worries, but my comment was about foxsoccer2go. They had the feed up until David Moyes came out, and once he raised his hands to clap, they cut the feed.

    2. Both Fox Soccer and Fox Soccer Plus do that. Fox Deportes doesn’t which is why their coverage of United’s pre-game was so good. They also come on before the half-time kickoff so you get to see the players coming on and a few minutes of the crowd at half-time which makes the viewing experience so much better.

      I’m sure Fox will say they need the commercials to pay the bills. Their timing is just crazy.

  21. I’m catching up on the matches after being out this morning for mother’s day, but I disagree with Rob Stone’s comment during half-time of Man United vs Swansea that the “magic number is 41 to stay in the Premier League this season.”

    Forty-one points may end up not being enough since Wigan could end up on 41 if they win their final two games. And if there’s another team at 41 points, then it goes down to goal difference.

    The Gaffer

    1. No Gaffer, that’s not correct.

      Wigan face Villa on the Final day, and let’s say if Wigan beat Arsenal then the match between Wigan and Villa will be vital (Villa would be on 40 and Wigan would be on 38) so if Wigan win then Villa will be below Villa with 40 points, if Villa win then Wigan will stay on 38 points, and if the drew then Wigan will be on 39 points. So One of them won’t reach the 41 point mark.

        1. Aston Villa only have 40 points so the magic number is 41. However, if Wigan lose on Tuesday then it won’t matter since Wigan will be relegated and Villa with 40 will stay up regardless of their result with Wigan.

          Very big game for both Arsenal and Wigan on Tuesday.

      1. If Wigan win their two games, they’ll have 41 points. Southampton and Fulham have 40 points. Even if Southampton and Fulham each draw their final game of the season and reach 41 points, it may not be enough because either team could get relegated based on their goal difference (if Wigan can reduce their goal difference enough in the last two matches).

        Norwich and Newcastle, both on 41 points, aren’t mathematically safe either. If they both lose their games on the final day of the season, they could get relegated depending on goal difference.

        Wigan has to win on Tuesday. If they lose, the goal difference gap is going to be too great to overcome. And the only team they could hope to leapfrog on the final day of the season would be Sunderland — if Sunderland got thrashed by a wide margin, and if Wigan won by a wide margin (against Villa).

        41 points is not the magic number yet. It could be, but based on goal difference.

        The Gaffer

        1. No If Wigan win Against Arsenal and Villa, then it doesn’t matter, Villa will be below Wigan with 40 points. So yes the Magic no, is 41 now.

          1. SF, you’re correct. I’m getting hung up on the 41 number. The fate of Survival Sunday depends on Wigan. They have to win on Tuesday against an Arsenal side that needs to win to qualify for the Champions League. What a wonderful finish to another incredible season of English football.

            The Gaffer

          1. That’s correct because of Wigan’s poor Goal difference, it’s -23. Sunderland has 1 more point right than Wigan but their goal difference is -12. So a Wigan draw while mathematically still keeping them alive is unrealistic.

            Southamton and fulham are safe becuse of their better goal difference of -11 and -13 respectively. Right now only Villa, Sunderland and Wigan are realistically still in the relegation zone.

            Southampton (40 points) -11 GD
            Fulham (40 points) -13 GD
            Villa (40 points) -22 GD
            Sunderland (39 points) -12 GD
            Wigan (35 points but 1 game in hand) -23 GD

            Hope this helps.

            1. Don’t forget that crazy things can happen on the final day of the season. On the last day of the 2004-05 season, Norwich City lost 6-0 to Fulham. They didn’t go down because of goal difference, but Norwich did get relegated. Sometimes the nerves of a Survival Sunday can make teams crumble under the pressure.

              The Gaffer

          2. Nope it’s not about goal difference, if Wigan los against Arsenal then they are stuck on 35 points, so max they could reach is 38. Sunderland already have 39 points.

          3. Yeah, since it is implied, Newcastle is safe, along with Stoke and Norwich. But as the Gaffer said, Sunday should be very interesting if Wigan can get the win. 5 teams fighting to not be the one team to go down would be very exciting.

  22. The Gaffer
    Thanks for all the work you did yesterday by posting the video and interviews from Wigan.Great FA cup and winners.Sorry Marc L

    1. I’m not a Manchester United supporter, but that was a beautiful ending and presentation.

      Congratulations to Manchester United and Sir Alex Ferguson.

      The Gaffer

    2. San Fran
      special moments just show we are human.Well done United after last years heartbreak.come on Forest get back up next season!

  23. After today it seems Wigan needs to beat Arsenal and Aston Villa in their next two games to stay up, and have a few other things go their way. After yesterday, I don’t want to say their luck has run out… but their time in Premier League has. I’m certain Roberto Martinez is going to be in the Premier League whether they stay up or not.

      1. If Wigan beats Arsenal, then Survival Sunday is going to be *very* interesting. I’m definitely pulling for the Latics to stay up. After that great FA Cup match, I think they deserve it. That said, the squad can’t have much left in the tank at all.

  24. Did you know that for the first time in EPL history there will most probably be new managers at all the clubs that finish in the top 3? Could be top 4 if Arsenal change managers and they finish 4th (Will Wenger leave?).

    Manicini is all but gone at City, announcement could happen this week or immediately after the season ends. That’s why the City hierarchy didn’t come out and refute the reporting about Pelligrini. We know Rafa isn’t going to be back for Chelsea even though if Mourinho stays at Real Madrid and Chelsea win the Europa League him coming back would not be a bad move (except for the plastics fans).

    Next season could be very interesting for the top-tier clubs. A midtable club might just crash the party. There’s hope for Liverpool yet :-) .

    1. I was with you all the way until you mentioned Liverpool. It always seems like their bark is worse than their bite.

  25. Rooney wants out but Alex says he will not sell…lol he just retired and is still dictating…poor Moyes…

    I wonder where he’ll go? There are alleged stories he had a punch up with Phil Jones in training…I wouldn’t mind seeing him at Spurs…levy should offer 15 million plus Bentley, Gomes, a Spurs signed away kit, and a cat…no wait…a Sporran for Moyes made out of a cat…lol

    Seriously tho…No sense Moyes keeping an unhappy player or in the ranks when he will be given 30m to spend this summer.

    If we do they a UCL spot…stranger things have happened…although 24m for moutinho looks more likely to happen.

  26. how is the transfer market going to start with Moyes not taking over till July 1? SAF still turning the screw. send Shrek to PSG to rot on the bench.LOL did not make bench on SAF last match at home i think we know who is the hammer and who is the nail.Shrek runs to Fiona.

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