Manchester United Could Announce David Moyes As New Manager Tomorrow, Says BBC

David Moyes could officially be announced as the new manager of Manchester United tomorrow, to replace Sir Alex Ferguson who today announced his retirement.

Moyes met with Everton chairman Bill Kenwright today in London, where the Scottish manager was rumored to have expressed his desire to leave the Merseyside club.

However, Sky Sports News is reporting that Bill Kenwright has said that a deal is not yet done, and that Moyes will be manager for Everton’s match at the weekend against West Ham.

“Moyes has the right to make his own decision. He’s served this club well,” says Kenwright. The Everton chairman said he has no knowledge of Moyes making an announcement to his staff and players tomorrow morning.

Expectations are that Moyes will tell Everton players and staff of his decision to leave Everton for United before tomorrow morning’s training session, according to BBC Sport.

Read about the legacy that David Moyes will leave behind at Everton, as well as one Everton supporter’s perspective on the pros and cons of Moyes as a manager. Plus, read about how Ferguson’s retirement changes everything.

7 thoughts on “Manchester United Could Announce David Moyes As New Manager Tomorrow, Says BBC”

  1. Do you trust BBC? people say English press are l***. BBC, Sun, Mail etc…

    Sorry for my English, this my first post here, thanks.

    Al Dioner From Montreal.

  2. I don’t know about Moyes personally. I like the guy and he’s loyal and dedicated but Everton plays with NO CONSISTENCY WHATSOEVER. I would’ve gone for Klopp or Mourinho, personally. Even if Mourinho only would’ve stayed 3 years, Utd’s chances of winning the CL would be higher with him.

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