Are The British Media Going On A Wild Goose Chase With David Moyes As Next United Manager?

While the media are reporting that David Moyes is in pole position to become the next Manchester United manager after Sir Alex Ferguson announced he will retire at the end of this season, that seems to be only based on the fact that bookmakers slashed the odds Sunday night on Moyes becoming an understudy to Ferguson, based on rumors.

It’s quite possible that the Moyes angle is a wild goose chase that the British media are pursuing based on little to no real evidence. Yes, Moyes is out of contract this summer at Everton, he’s Scottish and has a proven track record of helping Everton punch above their weight since 2002 when he joined the Merseyside club. But there is no evidence or clues, other than rumors, that connect Moyes with Manchester United. Yes, it makes sense in my book for Manchester United to appoint Moyes, but nothing is a certainty. We’ve been down similar wild goose chases with the British media before.

Not surprisingly, there are a lot of tight lips at the moment. Meanwhile, The Times has gone a step further and said that Moyes will be the next manager – although they quote no sources in the story. The Mirror says that Everton has had no contact with Manchester United over David Moyes. The Guardian is reporting that Moyes could and should be the next manager. And that it’s “understood” that Moyes will take charge. Understood, why? — because everyone else is reporting the same news?

Here’s what Manchester United chief executive David Gill said today regarding what he’s looking for in the next manager:

“The qualities [needed] are the ones that have been inherent in Manchester United for many years. If you look at what has happened with the two most successful eras – Sir Matt Busby and Alex – they are managers who got involved in the whole aspect of the club, whether it be from the youth team up to the first team.

“All aspects of it, plus that degree of loyalty and the understanding of the football club that it’s not just what happens on the first-team pitch, is crucial to the success of Manchester United.

“Those are the sort of things we’ll be looking at. Clearly he has to have the requisite football experience, both in terms of domestic and European experience, so I think it’s a small pool but we’ll move forward.”

I don’t doubt that Moyes is the leading contender, but it’s quite possible that Manchester United may have someone else in mind.

20 thoughts on “Are The British Media Going On A Wild Goose Chase With David Moyes As Next United Manager?”

  1. United don’t need to contact Everton as Moyes is out of contract at the end of the season, I think.

    The reason Moyes has been mentioned as the new United manager is because of his reluctance to sign a new Everton contract. He declined to negotiate during the season and said he would wait and look at his options. He may have been told by Ferguson that he was in line to take over next season and that’s why he has not enetered into negotiations with Everton for a new contract. We’ll know soon enough.

    1. True, but Rafa Benitez will be out of his contract this summer. Arsene Wenger supposedly has a clause in his contract where he can leave the club a year early (before his contract expires next summer). Neither of these managers will replace Ferguson, but Moyes isn’t the only gaffer who will be out of a job this summer.

      The Gaffer

        1. THIS.


          The last time David Moyes was managing Everton in the UEFA Champions League (in 2005):

          1. Everton lost to Villarreal in the 3rd Qualifying Round of the UEFA Champions League

          2. Everton then promptly lost to Dinamo Bucharest in the 1st round of the old UEFA Cup (which is equivalent to the playoff round of the UEFA Europa League.)

          The Glazers will NOT sign off of that kind of resume…

  2. It’s all speculation. Media not giving any kind of back-up to the thinking. It seems like the british media has already named Moyes the next manager. Wait can’t be long since United is publicly traded.

  3. The 3 big names being tossed around by the British media:

    – David Moyes

    – Jose Mourinho

    – Juergen Klopp

    The tabloids would not like Moyes because he is not colourful enough…

    The media are probably tired of “The Special One” by now…

    …so I would believe that the “media’s choice” would be Juergen Klopp.

  4. The same British media that broke this story. They got it right this time. I would not bet against them with the Moyes pick.

    1. Chances are that they’re right on this one, but until it’s confirmed we won’t know.

      The Gaffer

    1. I’m listening to talkSPORT too, but who’s their source for the information? The Times newspaper — who said that a deal is done?

      The Gaffer

        1. Still no sources quoted. I think they’re going on the ‘let’s publish it and hope for the best’ school of journalism.

          The Gaffer

    1. Two ucls is underachieving? Thats twice as many as chelsea hve and two more than city in Fergies CV go hate somewhere else.

  5. I think it’s gonna be Mourinho…it seems the links to Chelsea signing him pushed Sir Alex to ammend whatever plans his has. It’s a roll if dice…buh it smells like Portuguese bread in Manchester right now

  6. That’s just crazy talk. I mean, would the same media who reported with certainty that Pep Guardiola would manage in the EPL next season misinform us?

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