David Luiz Gives Sheepish Grin After Getting Whacked By Rafael da Silva [VIDEO]

In the last few minutes of Manchester United’s game against Chelsea today, Chelsea defender David Luiz got into a tussle with Manchester United right back Rafael da Silva. The end result was Da Silva whacking out at Luiz’s legs, which sent the Chelsea player to the ground, clutching his knees.

While Da Silva thoroughly deserved to receive the red card from referee Howard Webb, Luiz will have won very few fans by his sheepish grin and smile he gave while laying on the Old Trafford pitch.

Here’s a video clip of Da Silva hitting out at Luiz, and the Chelsea defender’s cheeky reaction:

15 thoughts on “David Luiz Gives Sheepish Grin After Getting Whacked By Rafael da Silva [VIDEO]”

  1. I’ve no issue with the red card. Funny thing is he didn’t make much contact as it looks like he actually caught him with his shin and not his boot. Doesn’t matter as he showed reckless intent which is a red card.

  2. “Many kids see the game, watch the game and they want to see good things and not bad things.” – David Luiz


  3. It actually got worse. He lifted his head, took a look around at the chaos, then lay back down and laughed some more.

    Suarez Award for the weekend.

  4. Luiz is a five star donkey, but Rafael can’t put himself in those types of situations. Not worth it.

    The type of play that makes you wonder if Rafael wanted to start his pre-season a little early.


  5. Luis was smiling due to Rafael being so predictable.
    He and his brother have little man syndrome and it cost him a red.

    1. Agree.. Luiz didn’t know it was a red card.. He heard foul from the lines woman, and knew that CFC had won a free kick and thus killing Man U’s attacks and taking more time off the clock. He did his job. He is still a highly frustrating player, but smirk or no smirk… He did what any player should do in that situation.

  6. At least he was “touched” by Rafael. I’ve seem worse from players who go down holding their body parts when absolutely no contact was made.

    I believe he was smiling because he knew he got his countryman to take the bait. Rafael is known to be wreckless.

  7. Would everyone have preferred he cried?

    Who cares what he did after he got HIT. Sir Alex spun this wonderfully after the game. We’re talking about this rather than the actual incident.

  8. The whole issue is complete BS. We don’t even know he’s smiling, his grimace looks exactly the same. If he was smiling the so what, he was clearly fouled and he didn’t know about the red card or “fracas” because it did not happen the moment he hit the ground and smiled/grimaced.

    Why do people feel the need to create news when it’s not there.

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