Jose Mourinho Drops Another Hint He’ll Return To Manage in Premier League This Summer [VIDEO]

In Jose Mourinho’s post-match interview with ITV, the Real Madrid manager dropped another major hint that he’ll be moving to England this summer to manage one of the top teams in the Premier League.

Speaking after Real Madrid got knocked out of the UEFA Champions League by Borussia Dortmund, Mourinho was asked whether he would be with Real Madrid next season. He said:

“Maybe not. I want to be where I love to be, where people love me to be.”

It’s a strong hint that he’ll return to England this summer, but which team would he manage? Chelsea, Manchester City or another top Premier League club?

Meanwhile, Mourinho was disappointed by the performance of English referee Howard Webb during today’s second leg. “I’m very sad with one of my favorite referees in the world, Howard Webb. I’m very disappointed because it should have been a red card for Mats Hummels. He saw it. Everybody saw it. But in that moment, he was not a ref. He was a human being. And He thought ‘If I give a red card to Mats Hummels, Mats Hummels does not play in the final.'”

Watch the post-match video interview here:

6 thoughts on “Jose Mourinho Drops Another Hint He’ll Return To Manage in Premier League This Summer [VIDEO]”

  1. How does ITV do that? The director should be fired. He may have just had a major scoop on every media outlet and he cuts out!? Why? Because they need their puppethead announcer to close out the show?

    So stupid.

  2. Should be Chelsea. Can’t see him managing any other EPL club. Anyway, I found his comment on Howard Webb rather interesting. :)

  3. Very smart way to deflect the fact that he has failed in the competition. If I was a Real Madrid fan I would be pissed that the season is still going and my manager is talking about going to other clubs, imagine if a player was doing this, there would be outrage.

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