Hartlepool Supporters Dressed As Penguins Storm Through London Underground [PHOTOS]

Hartlepool United supporters dressed up as penguins stormed through the London Underground today on the way to their match against Crawley Town.

Even though the League One club will be relegated this season to League Two, their supporters are still in buoyant mood. Their fancy dress escapades typically happen when they visit the London area from the North East of England.

The last time they visited London, the Hartlepool supporters dressed up as smurfs (see photo below).

Hats off to Hartlepool United supporters for always looking on the bright side of life. You’ve cheered up the Internet today!

2 thoughts on “Hartlepool Supporters Dressed As Penguins Storm Through London Underground [PHOTOS]”

  1. Yet another reason to love English football. While thugs get headlines, most supporters are in it for a good time and a day out, and a win of course makes it all worth it. But, culture really is the driving force behind the club you support. As West Ham was going down supporters chanted “let’s pretend we’re winning” and did a conga line through the Boleyn. Tubthumping if you will..

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