Exclusive Prints of Jamie Carragher Illustration By Dan Leydon Go On Sale Tomorrow [VIDEO]

If you’re a football memorabilia collector or Liverpool supporter, I want to bring your attention to a very exclusive sale that kicks off tomorrow where talented football illustrator Dan Leydon is selling 23 prints of a beautifully designed piece titled, simply, “Carra.”

The exclusive prints recognize Jamie Carragher, the 35-year-old defender who has played at Liverpool for his entire career and will be hanging up his boots at the end of this season.

Carragher, who has made more than 500 league appearances for Liverpool, is beautifully captured in the illustration by Leydon, who lives in Sligo, Ireland.

The print goes on sale on Friday, April 26 2013 at 10am ET and is available to order at that time from Etsy at www.etsy.com/shop/Footynews

Watch the video to see a better glimpse of the print, as well as to learn more about how to purchase one of the 23 that will go on sale.

Full disclosure: EPL Talk makes no money from the sale of these prints and hasn’t been paid to promote Dan Leydon’s print. We’re big admirers of his work, and want to let memorabilia collectors and Liverpool supporters know about the sale before it’s too late.

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